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National Fire Heritage Center
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:07:09 PM »
 Recently, I received this message for Ignatius "Iggy" Kapalczynski, aka "F.D. Historian" on this site and I thought that maybe I should pass this on for other guys to see as well.

  Many of us acquire various memorabilia and mementos of our association with the fire service and fire protection. Just look at all the things that have been shared on this website.

 While physical items (helmets, nozzles, tools, antique fire trucks, etc) frequently find their way into musuems and display cases, many written items such as books, reports, photographs, newsletters, scrapbooks, and journals get lost to disposal by family survivors who do not understand the value or significance of the items or are forgotten in storage by local general libraries and by fire departments that are not primarily in the fire historical record preservation business. Many "historical gold mine" collections languish in dusty attics or moldy basements until discarded.

 For those of us who wonder what will become of our personal lifelong fire service historical collections, here is a place that appreciates and values our efforts.

 The following description is taken from the National Fire Heritage center website.

 The National Fire Heritage Center (NFHC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to preserve the written history of the "fire in America". We support individuals, fire departments, libraries, museums, and others who wish to collect, catalog, and preserve fire-related writings.


 The NFHC is both a fire history archive and a documentation preservation project. Our collection of over 15,000 cataloged items consists of written documents and three-dimensional items donated by the public and private sectors. Materials are cataloged, preserved and made available to NFHC visitors and online researchers.

        Contribute collection items

 Why our work is important:

 Gaining access to historical fire related writings can be hard. Prior to the establishment of the NFHC in 2005, there was no centralized, coordinated archival activity in the United States to ensure that important fire materials were saved in an accessible way. Much of the written history of "fire in America" was challenging to locate or unfortunately, forever lost. Historical documentation that did exist was held in private collections where access was difficult or materials were not properly preserved.

 HERITAGE HALL: A Common History for the Fire Service/Fire Protection Disciplines:

 Download the report (pdf 8 MB)

 The NFHC has changed all that. Today, our organization works to assure the collection and proper preservation of these historical materials and that access is available to all who wish to know the story of "fire in America".

 Help preserve the written history of the American Fire Service.

 NFHC leadership: Executive Officers, Board of Directors, Trustees and key personnel 

 2019 National Fire Heritage Center Annual Report (pdf 6 MB)

 Download the July 2019 Newsletter (pdf 3 MB)

National Fire Heritage Center
« on: August 30, 2019, 09:07:09 PM »