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« on: January 21, 2012, 01:41:54 AM » ....The billboard is built to attract attention to it for advertising however when operating at a Fire or Emergency the focus sometime is taken away from it's presence....a billboard on the roof of a Fire bldg. supported properly by bearing walls of brick or concrete are not as much of a hazard to us as a billboard that is basically on a NFP roof that is supporting it's weight....also a billboard that is attached to the side of a frame bldg that is on Fire may result in a premature failure of that wall similar to a Fire Escape pulling the rear wall off of a frame bldg due to heavy Fire or age/deterioration the case of this latest incident on the BQE ...let's say you arrive prior to the sign falling....could you tell which direction it would go ? ...most times probably not unless indications such as SOME bolts already sheared off were visible.....considerations would be which were the most endangered occupied exposures.....where would Rigs be placed ......what traffic might have to be stopped the case of this BQE sign we initially would be pretty powerless to secure it or brace prior to it falling due to the enormous size & weight...a smaller scale sign or individual pole or light post could possibly be braced w/an Aerial at least until all were evacuated from possible collapse zones....the day of the BQE sign collapse was windy but the sign if properly anchored & maintained should have withstood that wind ...we do not know the frequency or thoroughness of these inspections....(which are supposed to be every 2 years & a sign such as the BQE one should be able to withstand up to 90 mph winds..that is if it is registered & not bootleg).. so the point is extreme caution must be used operating near a large sign whether it is on a Fire bldg or separate from it & we have to be in a possible collapse from it. ..... large signs on the face of the 2nd & or 3rd fls of bldgs w/only storage on those floors can limit venting at a serious Fire depending on the construction of the sign ...consider using an Aerial to punch through in the approximate area where you estimate the window to will only know if you give it a try........if you have to make a choice between punching through either high or low (due to sign framing or underlying window covering ) opt for lower closer to the sill area in the area where a trapped or disoriented FF would be able to show himself at........ Do not forget including large signs in CID'S especially if not visible from the front of the bldg or if they are only supported by the roof.....any improper looking construction of the sign or mounting...... submit paperwork also.....Stay alert.

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