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Fire Promotions 5/11/07
« on: May 14, 2007, 07:02:10 PM »
Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta presided over a promotions ceremony for 106 FDNY members on May 11 at Queens College.

During the ceremony, one member was elevated to the rank of assistant chief, one member to deputy assistant chief, 15 members to deputy chief, 20 to battalion chief, seven to captain, and 60 to lieutenant. One member also was promoted to the rank of fire marshal and one member to marine engineer.

?What we are seeing today is the replenishment of our ranks,? said Commissioner Scoppetta. ?Five years after 9/11, we continue to rebuild. And with every promotions ceremony we are growing stronger.?

Among the promoted members was Deputy Chief Jay Jonas, a 27-year veteran who, along with fellow members of Ladder Company 6, escaped the collapse of the World Trade Center's north tower on September 11, 2001.

Trapped for hours in Stairwell B, Chief Jonas and his firefighters helped rescue an employee of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

?It?s nice to see the Department moving forward,? said Chief Jonas. ?All the members that were with me on 9/11 and mentors that were instrumental to my career are here. It makes me reflect about how lucky I?ve been.?

Also promoted was Battalion Chief James Riches, who lost his son in the World Trade Center attacks, and Assistant Chief Thomas Jensen, who will now serve as chief of fire prevention.

Promoted members include:

Assistant Chief
DAC Thomas M. Jensen, ADMFP

Deputy Assistant Chief
DC Richard S. Tobin, DIV-6

Deputy Chief
BC Michael J. Puzziferri, B-27
BC John A. Jonas, B-2
BC Roger W. Sakowich, B-1
BC John T. Mooney, B-8
BC Rocco A. Rinaldi, B-50
BC Richard J. Alles, B-58
BC Stephen G. Moro, B-46
BC Michael W. Mullins, B-4
BC Peter J. Hart, B-7
BC James J. Riches, B-11
BC Robert J. Strong, B-45
BC Michael Halderman, B-10
BC Robert J. Boyce Jr, B-54
BC Paul D. Mannix, B-53
BC Nicholas Delre, B-32

Battalion Chief
Capt. Patrick J. Ginty, L-175
Capt. Joseph F. Viglietta Jr., L-42
Capt. Michael V. Meyers, L-4
Capt. Lawrence Nostramo, E-229
Capt. Terence M. Cashin, E-308
Capt. John P. Vaughan, E-64
Capt. Christopher J. Joyce, E-318
Capt. Vincent P. Mosca, E-331
Capt. Peter J. McGrath, E-293
Capt. Joseph A. Harris, L-114
Capt. Domenick T. Caleri, E-35
Capt. John A. Gregorio, L-170
Capt. Charles W. Lamberta, E-211
Capt. Christopher J. Lennon, E-82
Capt. Lawrence P. Hyland, D-14
Capt. James P. Maloney, E-14
Capt. Patrick J. Lyons, L-129
Capt. Raymond D. Sessa, L-13
Capt. Michael F. Gala Jr., L-148
Capt. James A. Butler, E-243

Lt. John V. Holfester, E-248
Lt. Harold J. Gumb (2), L-87
Lt. Francis J. Burke, E-275
Lt. Timothy J. Gimpel, L-27
Lt. James J. Carney, B-19
Lt. Stephen Campenella, B-21
Lt. Matthew V. O'Hanlon, L-20

FF Daniel W. Stanton, L-154
FF Nicholas E. Lucenti, E-9
FF Michael J. Steck, L-45
FF Richard J. Blasi, E-321
FF Timothy M. Johnston, L-19
FF Robert P. Murray, L-58
FF Christopher J. Gogarty, E-96
FF James H. O'Connor, L-39
FF Glenn F. Fischer, Sqd-252
FF James P. Miller, E-268
FF Jeffrey P. Meister, L-136
FF Joseph N. Farinacci, L-101
FF William Cutrone, E-211
FF John A. Murphy, L-47
FF Ralph Fabiani, E-297
FF James M. Montaruli, L-172
FF Shaun W. Keenan, E-214
FF Ian J. Bennett, E-253
FF Vincent R. Tretola, E-263
FF Brian Deery, L-154
FF Kenneth J. Scanlon, L-148
FF Frank S. Gissi, E-24
FF Thomas Burke, L-18
FF Peter M. Traut, L-77
FF Michael R. Mason, E-226
FF John M. Flaherty, L-136
FF Kevin G. Duggan, L-44
FF Michael S. McCall, L-143
FF Anthony J. Pascocello Jr., Sqd-18
FF Scott D. Cassese, L-14
FF James D. Botta, L-121
FF William P. McDonough, E-22
FF Michael J. Ryan, L-170
FF Michael P. Accardi, E-249
FF Scott A. Duryea, L-154
FF Thomas J. Marino, L-140
FF James D'Addesa, E-7
FF Thomas A. Renda, E-332
FF Jonathan D. Lustig, E-156
FF Thomas V. Mangus Jr., L-79
FF Albert G. Kessner, E-290
FF Louis  P. Demontreux, E-280
FF Glen R. O'Connor, E-59
FF Raymond J. Diaz, L-78
FF Edmund W. Galiani, L-143
FF Daniel O'Connor, E-59
FF Brian J. Connelly, L-105
FF Thomas S. McBreen, L-163
FF Thomas V. Mooney, L-102
FF Michael J. Callanan, L-55
FF John J. Leanza, Res-5
FF Joseph R. Miller, Sqd-270
FF Brian P. McMahon, L-47
FF Gary E. Vanpelt, Res-5
FF Steve Griffith, E-7
FF Michael A. Mercurio, L-44
FF Paul Agruso Jr., L-32
FF Daniel T. Keane, L-102
FF Peter J. O'Connor, L-124
FF Jon Paul Augier, L-14

Fire Marshal
FF Carmine J. Jichetti Jr., ADMBFI

Provisional Marine Engineer
Wiper Donald G. Panettiere, MARDIV

Fire Promotions 5/11/07
« on: May 14, 2007, 07:02:10 PM »