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Re: NYC Vollie EMS
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Anyone know if the Vollie EMS/hatzolla members need a special endorsement on their driver's license to respond "Emergency Traffic" ( In Tennessee that's State Wide use for lights and siren ), we do allow our volunteer members to respond with red light and siren but there are strict State requirement's. type of vehicle, have to 21, need EVOC class and Vanessa K Free class, your own insurance must be amended so they are aware. What is NYC's policy on this?

Re: NYC Vollie EMS
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Re: NYC Vollie EMS
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Read 'em and weep....

NYS VTL 375(26): "A gong or siren whistle shall not be used on any vehicle other than
an authorized emergency vehicle. This shall not be construed to apply to a
gong or siren designed and used solely as a burglar alarm on a vehicle".

 NYS VTL 375(41)(2):  "Red lights and certain white lights. One or more red or combination
red and white lights, or one white light which must be a revolving,
rotating, flashing, oscillating or constantly moving light, may be affixed
to an authorized emergency vehicle, and such lights may be displayed on an
authorized emergency vehicle when such vehicle is engaged in an emergency
operation, and upon a fire vehicle while returning from an alarm of fire or
other emergency".

So, now let's define "authorized emergency vehicle"...

101 Veh. & Traf. Authorized emergency vehicle. "
 Every ambulance, police vehicle or bicycle, correction vehicle, fire
vehicle, civil defense emergency vehicle, emergency ambulance service
vehicle, blood delivery vehicle, county emergency medical services vehicle,
environmental emergency response vehicle, sanitation patrol vehicle,
hazardous materials emergency vehicle and ordnance disposal vehicle of the
armed forces of the United States.

And finally, what is an "emergency ambulance service vehicle"?
115-c Veh. & Traf. Emergency ambulance service vehicle.

  An emergency ambulance service vehicle shall be defined as an
appropriately equipped motor vehicle owned or operated by an ambulance
service as defined in section three thousand one of the public health law
and used for the purpose of transporting emergency medical personnel and
equipment to sick or injured persons.

Note the words "owned or operated by".  Nothing here about POV's.

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Re: NYC Vollie EMS
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Thanks! So a "Buffmobile" is illegal and the operator of such is a LAWBREAKER? To quote Warner Wolf: "Let's go to the videotape!" :o ::) ;D :-X ;)