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May And June US Military Combat Deaths


June 2012 Heroes

Spc. Gerardo Campos, 23, of Miami, Fla
Pfc. Vincent J. Ellis, 22, of Tokyo, Japan
Capt. Scott P. Pace, 33, of Brawley, Calif.
1st Lt. Mathew G. Fazzari, 25, of Walla Walla, Wash.
Cpl. Anthony R. Servin, 22, of Moreno Valley, Calif
Pfc. Brandon D. Goodine, 20, of Luthersville, Ga
Master Chief Petty Officer Richard J. Kessler Jr., 47, of Gulfport, Fla.
Pfc. Nathan T. Davis, 20, Yucaipa, Calif.
Spc. Bryant J. Luxmore, 25, New Windsor, Ill
Cpl. Taylor J. Baune, 21, of Andover, Minn
Sgt. 1st Class Barett W. McNabb, 33, of Chino Valley, Ariz
Sgt. Nicholas C. Fredsti, 30, of San Diego, Calif.
Sgt. Joseph M. Lilly, 25, of Flint, Mich.
Spc. Trevor A. Pinnick, 20, of Lawrenceville, Ill.
Pfc. Jarrod A. Lallier, 20, of Spokane, Wash
1st Lt. Ryan D. Rawl, 30, Lexington, S.C.
Sgt. 1st Class Matthew B. Thomas, 30, Travelers Rest, S.C.
Spc. John D. Meador II, 36, Columbia, S.C.
Sgt. Jose Rodriguez, 22, of Gustine, Calif.
Lance Cpl. Eugene C. Mills III, 21, of Laurel, Md.
Maj. Paul C. Voelke, 36, of Monroe, N.Y.
Pfc. Steven P. Stevens II, 23, of Tallahassee, Fla.
Lance Cpl. Niall W. Coti-Sears, 23, of Arlington, Va
Staff Sgt. Matthew J. Leach, 29, of Ferndale, Mich
1st Lt. Stephen C. Prasnicki, 24, of Lexington, Va
Sgt. James L. Skalberg Jr., 25, of Cullman, Ala.
Staff Sgt. Robert A. Massarelli, 32, of Hamilton, Ohio
Sgt. Michael J. Strachota, 28, of White Hall, Ark.

May 2012 Heroes

Capt. Bruce K. Clark, 43, Spencerport, N.Y.
Staff Sgt. Zachary H. Hargrove, 32, of Wichita, Kan
Master Sgt. Gregory L. Childs, 38, Warren, Ark
Sgt. John P. Huling, 25, of West Chester, Ohio
Staff Sgt. Thomas K. Fogarty, 30, of Alameda, Calif
2nd Lt. David E. Rylander, 23, of Stow, Ohio
Spc. Junot M. L. Cochilus, 34, of Charlotte, N.C.
Sgt. Jacob M. Schwallie, 22, of Clarksville, Tenn.
Spc. Chase S. Marta, 24, of Chico, Calif.
Pfc. Dustin D. Gross, 19, of Jeffersonville, Ky.
Petty Officer Second Class Jorge Luis Velasquez, 35, of Houston
1st Lt. Alejo R. Thompson, 30, of Yuma, Ariz
Sgt. Wade D. Wilson, 22, of Normangee, Texas
SSpc.Vilmar Galarza Hernandez, 21, of Salinas, Calif.
Spc. Alex Hernandez III, 21, of Round Rock, Texas
Sgt. Brian L. Walker, 25, of Lucerne Valley, Calif.
Pfc. Richard L. McNulty III, 22, Rolla, Mo.
Staff Sgt. Israel P. Nuanes, 38, of Las Cruces, N.M.
Sgt. Michael J. Knapp, 28, of Overland Park, Kan.
Sgt. Jabraun S. Knox, 23, of Fort Wayne, Ind.
Capt. Jesse A. Ozbat, 28, of, Prince George, Va.
2nd Lt. Tobias C. Alexander, 30, of Lawton, Okla.
Spc. Arronn D. Fields, 27, of Terre Haute, Ind
2nd Lt. Travis A. Morgado, 25, of San Jose, Calif.
Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan J. Wilson, 26, of Shasta, Calif
Pfc. Cale C. Miller, 23, of Overland Park, Kan
Cpl. Keaton G. Coffey, 22, of Boring, Ore
Hospitalman Eric D. Warren, of Shawnee, Okla.
Spc. Vilmar Galarza Hernandez, 21, of Salinas, Calif.
Spc. Tofiga J. Tautolo, 23, of Wilmington, Calif.
Capt. John R. Brainard, 26, of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine
Chief Warrant Officer Five John C. Pratt, 51, of Springfield, Va.
Sgt. Julian C. Chase, 22, of Edgewater, Md.
Lance Cpl. Steven G. Sutton, 24, of Leesburg, Ga
Cpl. Nicholas H. Olivas, 20, of Fairfield, Ohio
Petty Officer 2nd Class Sean E. Brazas, of Greensboro, N.C
Staff Sgt. Roberto Loeza, 28, of El Paso, Texas
Staff Sgt. Alexander G. Povilaitis, 47, of Dawsonville, Ga
Spc. Kedith L. Jacobs, 21, of Denver, Colo
Pfc. Leroy Deronde III, 22, Jersey City, New Jersey
Lance Cpl. Joshua E. Witsman, 23, of Covington, Ind.

May they rest in peace. God bless the U.S.A.!

grumpy grizzly:
I went home early today, got to watch the great TV waseland from1 until 5PM. Watched the  apathetic golden bodies from the ages of 18-26 surfing. checked out the web site you posted. I guess these brave individuals will never enjoy those benefits, where do we find these brave and dedicated individuals?


God bless them and their families.  RIP.


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