Author Topic: 6-4-07 Va. Beach Va. Working Fire, Explosion in a Private Dwelling  (Read 1347 times)

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1454 Sangaree Cir.
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Explosion in a Private Dwelling

1959: E19, E18, E10, L9, Sq10, Bat3, Car8

2001: 1 victim reported laying in the front yard

2003: E19 "2 story frame private dwelling, working fire"

2005: Safety1, Bat2, Salvage8, Bat7(PIO)

2006: Bat3 "1 patient with severe burns to the face & chest "

2017: Bat3 "2 story frame private dwelling, 1 line in operation, Exp A: street, Exp B: similar attached, Exp C: yard, Exp D: similar attached, primary negative, under control"

2017: Investigator1

2048: Bat3 " patient was transported to Norfolk General (Level I Trauma Center) in serious condition, secondary negative, fire out

2049: Car2 advised

2111: Bat3 "down to 1 Engine 1 Ladder for bomb squad operations, all other units are available

2125: Bat3 "respond Va. Power for a meter pull"
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