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Re: News of Members
« Reply #1200 on: July 09, 2019, 03:52:20 PM »
 Member Steve Delaunay, aka "svd385", wanted me to pass on to the members here that he has been in the hospital for a medical condition for about the last three weeks. He is currently in a rehab center in New Jersey.

 Some of us know Steve from a couple of Get Togethers where we visited Staten Island and Far Rockaway Queens. It was shortly after storm Sandy, as we saw the damage that was caused.

 Steve grew up in the Bronx (Throgs Neck - I think) and was an Auxiliary Firefighter with Engine 96. He wanted me to pass onto the membership how much he enjoys this site but he is unable to go on it right now because he does not have use of the internet at the rehab center.

 He has talked about the friendships he has acquired since becoming a member here and Steve asked me to pass this on. I myself can relate to that as well.

 In talking with Steve about his medical condition, I think there could be some concern, and of course we wish our good friend, site member Steve Delaunay, aka "svd385", all the best. 
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Re: News of Members
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