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Ok I did some further reading today at work and got the correct info for the separating walls on the apartments.

The Building Code and the related Australian Standards are quite in depth documents so I have paraphrased the relevant info. I can give more detail if you need it.

The building code says that the wall separating Class 1 structures (residential structures) must maintain a Fire Resistance Level for three categories; structural adequacy, integrity and insulation.

Structural adequacy: The wall must maintain load bearing properties for 60min.

Integrity: The wall must not allow flame or hot gases to pass through for 60min.

Insulation: The average temperature of the unexposed side of the wall must not increase by more than 140K above the starting temperature.

These tests are performed in a furnace that increases in temperature to match the time/temp curve of a structure fire. It would reach 576C (1069F) within 5 min and be at 945C (1733F) by the 60 minute mark.

The separation wall between the dwellings must reach from the footings of the building to the roof line if the roof is non-combustible or 450mm (17.7 inches) above the roof line if the roofing material is combustible.

Hopefully that answers your questions. As I said before if you need anymore detail I can give it to you.

Re: Info needed.
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