Author Topic: FDNY, slogans and images reflect spirit of the firehouse  (Read 2411 times)

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FDNY, slogans and images reflect spirit of the firehouse
« on: September 20, 2014, 08:38:33 AM »

FDNY, slogans and images reflect spirit of the firehouse
« on: September 20, 2014, 08:38:33 AM »


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Re: FDNY, slogans and images reflect spirit of the firehouse
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2014, 03:36:05 PM »
Interesting, thanks for posting. It does seem, to me at least, every (or almost every) FDNY rig has some sort of patch or slogan on it especially the newer ones, loving the pride.  Heres a few I know of on top of the ones from the article, enjoy. (I missed a lot, I tried to include all 5 boroughs)

E151/T076 "Southern Comfort" - Tottenville, SI - Southernmost firehouse in the city and in SI

E168 "Shanghi Express" - Rossville, SI - Also far down on the island

E164/L084 aka "Oz" on top of "Close to the Edge" - Huguenot, SI

E167/T087 aka "Magnificent 7's" on top of "Fire and Ice" - Annadale, SI

E162/L082/Bn 23 "Ticket To Ride" and L082 is aka "Pride of the South Shore" - Great Kills, SI

E165/T085 "White Lightning" - New Dorp, SI

E159/SAT 5 (IDK)

E160/RS05 "The Hillbillies" (For the area Todt and Emerson Hill) and "Blue Thunder"

E161/L081 "The Beach Boys" - South Beach, SI

E152/Bn21 "Eye of the Hurricane" - Rosebank, SI

E153/T077 " Broad Street Bullies" - Stapleton, SI

E155/L078 "The Hot Corner" - New Brighton, SI

T079/Bn21 "North Shore Truckin Co." -Castleton, SI

E156 "Broadway Express" - West Brighton, SI

E157/L080 "Cougar Country" - Port Richmond, SI

E158 "Harbor Knights" - Mariners Harbor, SI

E166/T086 (IDK) - Bulls Head, SI

E242 "Guardians of the Narrows" - Bay Ridge, BK

E241/L109 "Third Avenue Express" - Bay Ridge, BK

E284/T149/SAT3 "Castle On The Hill" - Dyker Heights, BK

E201/T114 "Tally Ho" - Sunset Park, BK

E282/L148 "It Ain't Easy" or "Fighting The Red Devil" - Borough Park, BK

E281/L147 "Da Pride A Flatbush" - Kensington/Flatbush, BK

E280/L132 "In the Eye of the Storm" - Prospect Park, BK

E234/L123 "St. Johns East" - BK

E239 "Fourth Avenue Express" - Gowanas, BK

E279/T131 "Happy Hookers" - RedHook/Carroll Gardens, BK

E202/L101 "RedHook Raiders" - RedHook, BK

E224 "Brooklyn Heights" - Brooklyn Heights, BK

E205/L118 "Fire Under The Bridge" - Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO, BK

E207/L110/Bn31 "Tillary Street Tigers" - Downtown BK

E226 (IDK) - Downtown BK

E219/T105 "Dean Street" - Downtown BK

E211/T119 "Hooper Street" - Williamsburg, BK

E221/L104 "South Side" - Williamsburg, BK

E238/L106 "Guardians of Greenpoint" - Greenpoint, BK

E206 "Gas House Gang" - East Williamsburg/Bushwick

E214/T111 "The Nuthouse" - Bedford Stuyvesant, BK

E217 "Smokebusters" - Bedford Stuyvesant, BK

E237 "Bushwick" - Bushwick, BK

E235 "The Eye of Bed-Stuy" - Bedford Stuyvesant, BK

L108 "Pride of Williamsburg" - Williamsburg/Bushwick, BK

E255/T157 "Jolly Rogers" - Flatbush, BK

E249/L113 "Camp Rogers Rats" or "Rat House" - Leffert Gardens, BK

E331/L175 "East New York Truckin Co." -  East New York, BK

E257/T170 "Canarsie's Bravest" - Canarsie, BK

E254/T153 "Protecting "U"" - Gravesend, BK

E318/L166 "Kings of Neptune" - Coney Island/Seagate, BK

E243/L168/Bn42 "18th Ave" - Bensonhurst/Bath Beach, BK

E330/T172 "65th Street's Bravest" or "Boys In The Hurst" - Bensonhurst, BK

E245/T161/Bn43 "The Best Ride in Coney Island" - Coney Island, BK

E246/L169 "Fighting Brighton" or "Sheepshead Bay" - Sheepshead Bay/Brighton Beach, BK

E259/L128 "Tombstone Territory" - Maspeth, QNS

E258/T115 "This Old House" - Long Island City, QNS

L116 "The Flaming Skulls" - Astoria, QNS

E262 "The River Rats" - Astoria, QNS

E263/T117 - "Sponges" or "Between The Rock and A Hard Place" (Between the Academy and Rikers Island) - Astoria, QNS

E325/T163 "Stairway to Heaven" or "Woodside Warriors" - Astoria/Woodside, QNS

E307/L154 "Jackson Heights Knights" or "Hold On We're Coming" - Jackson Heights, QNS

E289/T138 "Corona Tigers" - Corona, QNS

E287/L136/Bn46 "Elmhurst Eagles" - Elmhurst, QNS

E273/L129 "Downtown Flushing" - Flushing/Willets Point, QNS

E297/L130 "Pride of the Point" - College Point, QNS

E295/T144 "Whitestone Eagles" - Whitestone, QNS

E274/Bn52 "Orient Express" - Flushing, QNS

E314/T164 "Douglaston" - Douglaston, QNS

E320/L167 (L167) is known as the "Patriot Truck" - Bayside, QNS

E251 "The Last Outpost" - Floral Park, QNS (Close to the NASSAU/QNS Border)

E304/T162 "The Border Patrol"  (Close to the NASSAU/QNS Border)

E275/L133 "Merrick Magic" - QNS

E314/T155 "Swamp Dogs" - Springfield, QNS

E010/L010 "10 House" - FiDi, MAN

L003 "Recon" - MAN

E009/L006 "Chinatown Dragons" - Chinatown, MAN

E054/L004 - "Never Missed A Preformance" - Midtown/Times Square, MAN

E014 "Sweet 14" - MAN

E033/T009 "Bowery U" - Bowery/Village, MAN

L008 "Ghostbusters Firehouse" - Tribeca, MAN

E026 "The Batcave" - Midtown, MAN

E023 "Lions Den" - Midtown, MAN

E008/L002/Bn8 "Midtown Hi-Rise" - Midtown, MAN

E016/T007 (T007) is known as "We Can Do That" - Kips Bay, MAN

E035/T040 "The Cavemen" - UWS, MAN

E022/T013 "Yorkville" - UES, MAN

E039/L016 (L016) is known as the "Gold Coast" - UES, MAN

E319 "The Lone Wolf" - QNS