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Staten Island Ferry
« on: July 01, 2009, 07:17:05 PM »
One of the ferries made a hard landing into the dock on the SI side. Several injuries, Multi PD,ESU units,Harbro,etc responding. This is confirmed

Staten Island Ferry
« on: July 01, 2009, 07:17:05 PM »

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Re: Staten Island Ferry
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2009, 07:22:15 PM »
St. George, Staten Island, NY, 7/1/09

Location: St. George Staten Island Ferry Terminal, Slip 5 @ north end of Staten Island

19:15 hours
Phone Box 8001 - Report of an accident at the terminal (Modified Water Rescue Assignment)
Engs 155, 153, 152
E164 w/ MARC 164, E154 w/ MARC 154
L78 (Water Rescue Unit), TL77 (SOC Support Truck)
Battalions 21, Rescue, Safety
Rescue 5
Tactical Support 1
Marines 9, 8

Receiving Slip 5 for a possible ramp malfunction

7-5-8001 - 19:18 hours
Battalion 21: The ferry came in on an off angle and struck the pier, the ramp has malfunctioned, we have no access to the ferry, we may have injuries on board.  We're going with All-Hands, we need an engine for CFRD.
E156 (CFRD Engine)
L81 is the FAST Truck
Battalion 22
Squad 252
Division 8
Marine 3 S/C

19:19 hours
Marine 3 has a 15 minute ETA

19:24 hours
L81 re-directed to another box, TL79 S/C as the new FAST Truck

19:26 hours
E242 is relocating to E155

19:28 hours
TL109 is relocating to TL79

19:31 hours
Division 8: Box 8001, DC Leonard reports the boat struck hard entering the slip.  We have 9 reported minor injuries.  We're using All-Hands, have the marine companies continue in.  Primary searches are being conducted.  Using All-Hands.  We are in the process of evacuating the part of the terminal as a precaution as well as 750 people off the ferry.

19:32 hours
Battalion 33 is relocating to Battalion 22

19:34 hours
DC8: Ask the Marine units to survey the ship for damage, it appears to be only superficial damage at this time.

19:35 hours
Car 1E (Commissioner's Liaison/Director of Public Information) is responding

19:36 hours
MARC154 has launched and is en route

19:36 hours
Marine 9 reports no visible damage on the ferry.

19:38 hours
MARC164 has launched and has a 10 minute ETA

19:43 hours
Car 23 (Executive Officer of Public Information) is responding

19:44 hours
FDOC is inquiring how people are being removed from the boat.
Battalion 22: The people are off on their own power, all have been offloaded at this time.  The bottom ramp is still in good shape up to the boat, it was just the step up.

19:46 hours
Car 1D (Commissioner's Liaison/Bureau of Health Services) is responding
Car 13B (Deputy Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention) is responding

19:47 hours
L169 is 10-8 in L78's response area

19:55 hours - Duration 49 minutes
DC8: Box 8001, we have a transformer on the boat that caused a smoke condition that has been taken care of.  Primary searches throughout are negative.  Secondary searches are in progress.  We're working with EMS, currently with 12 victims.  Searches from the outside of the boat show minor damage.  We're still Doubtful.

19:57 hours
E279 is 10-8 in E153's response area

19:59 hours
DC8: Box 8001, have a representative with the Coast Guard respond to the command post.

20:01 hours
DC8: The command post is at the gangway of the ferry.  Can I get a mixer-off.

20:06 hours
Coast Guard reports a rep en-route

20:06 hours - Duration 56 minutes
DC8: Box 8001, MARC154 has done a complete survey of the boat and found no structural damage.  Lift 5 appears to have some damage.  Secondary searches throughout the boat are complete except in the engine room, and are negative.  We're holding MARC154 and Marine 8, all other Marine Units and Squad 252 will be released.  Probably Will Hold.
Squad 252 is 10-8 back to Brooklyn

20:07 hours
Marine 9 is 10-8

20:08 hours
Marine 3 is 10-8 back to Queens

20:08 hours
DC8: Box 8001, secondary searches throughout are negative, Under Control.

20:13 hours
DC8: Box 8001, we're going to operate with Engs 155, 153, TL77, all others are being released and will go 10-8.

20:27 hours
DC8: Box 8001 We had a total of 15 victims, 5 yellow tags and 10 green tags, including 2 PD personnel and 3 ferry personnel.
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Re: Staten Island Ferry
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2009, 09:46:54 PM »
excellent rundown catry!

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Re: Staten Island Ferry
« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2009, 01:00:55 AM »
Awesome rundown. Was Squad 1 working another call that they didn't get the go on 7-5?

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Re: Staten Island Ferry
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Awesome rundown. Was Squad 1 working another call that they didn't get the go on 7-5?

They were on a First Due Box corner of 7th ave and Carrol st. for a water flow alarm at keyfood.  : ;)