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100' Ferrara Rear Mount Aerials

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According to the Sept/Oct 2009 edition of Fire Apparatus Journal final purchase orders are pending for a large order of 100' rear mount aerials.

   The next 20 rearmounts are going to be made by Ferrara ;).

Interesting, to say the least.  Over on that other board, "Redlight" is known as just about the best authority on FDNY.  I'd believe anything he put out.  Since FDNY already has six or more Ferrara apparatus (5 high pressure engines, the new Hazmat 1, more?), they've got to have a feel for them, and must be satisfied. Anybody know whose chassis they'll be on?  Spartan? ??? ???

 Nope, but I hope somebody comes up with a blueprint of these new rigs like they did with the Marauder II pumpers last year. I'm wondering what type of aerial ladder they're going use as Ferrara has their own which looks like a Smeal. Another interesting note is that the 1999 and 2001 batch contains a couple of busy units that have received unique apparatus in the past like L4, 19, 24, 30, 32, 38, 42, 49, 132 & 165.

Some information on Ferrara aerials:

Will they look like the HD 107's?????  of the LP 102's??????


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