Author Topic: 8-19-07 Va. Beach, Va. 2nd Alarm w/ S/C, Fire in a Private Dwelling  (Read 1214 times)

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4169 First Court Road
Between: Shore Drive & Greenwell Road
Fire in a Private Dwelling

0132: Reported as a brush fire, Caller having trouble giving an exact location

0132: E1

0135: Fire reported near the golf course

0137: E1 "Fire is about 1/2 mile in the woods"

0144: E1 "respond 2 brush trucks"

0147: Brush2 & Brush5

0147: Reported by police: fully involved house

0149: E7, E9, E16, L9, Bat1 (1st alarm filled + working fire response)

0150: E20, Sq3, Safety1, Car5, Bat12, Salvage8

0155: E2, E4, TL2, Bat2 became available & assigned. E7, E9 to remain in service

0156: E1 "2 story frame private dwelling, approx 4000 sq. ft., fully involved, no exposures.

0200: Bat2 "On scene, this will be First Court command, S/C 2 Tankers, no hydrants in the area"

0201: Tanker5, Tanker6

?2006: Bat2 "transmit 2nd alarm" ?

0207: E8, E9, E51, TL8

0211: Bat2 "Collapse zone established on all 4 sides"

0216: Bat2 "police needed for traffic control"

0219: Bat2 "L9-A designated as water supply officer on channel 4"

0232: Bat2 "respond duty Investigator"

0233: Investigator1

0319: Bat2 "fire knocked down"

0357: Bat2 "No victims, all residents accounted for, extensive overhaul"

0730: Bat2 "command terminated, E1 & Tanker5 to remain on scene"
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