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03/10/07 Bronx- 3rd Alarm
« on: March 12, 2007, 01:09:58 AM »
Date: 03-10-07
Time: 2018hrs
Box: 2965
Area: Tremont
Address: 1876 Jerome Ave X Mount Hope Pl.
First Due: E-42/L-33/B-19
Description: 1-story vacant taxpayer.
Writer: Truck4

2018hrs- B-19 transmitting 10-75 for fire in a taxpayer.
E-42, 75, 46, 43; L-33, 59, 27FAST; B-19, 17; R-3, Sq-41

2020hrs- B-19 rpts Using All-Hands on Arrival. Fire in a 1-story 50X100 vacant. S/C extra Engine and Truck.
S/C: E-48/L-44

2025hrs- B-19 rpts (2) L/S/O. Heavy smoke in the building. Primary underway, trucks opening up. D/W/H.

2032hrs- Div. 7 transmitting 2nd Alarm. Fire is into the cockloft. (4) L/S/O.
2nd Alarm: E-48, 93, 50; L-45; E-72/S-2; B-26 Safety, 13 RUL, Safety B/C, Rescue B/C; Field Com., TAC #1
2042hrs- Div. 7 transmitting 3rd Alarm, rpts heavy fire in the cockloft. Co's having difficulty opening up roof due to doubled and tin ceilings. Setting up Tower Ladders. Staging is Jerome X East Tremont.
3rd Alarm: E-84, 95, 73, 94; L-36, 38; B-3 Staging, B-58 Air Recon; MSU

2052hrs- Div. 7 rpts heavy fire in the cockloft. Trucks still opening up. (5) L/S/O, (2) Tower Ladders up, not in operation.
2100hrs- Div. 7 rpts fire K/D. Still opening up. D/W/H.

2104hrs- Div. 7 S/C (2) Trucks. (7) L/S/O.
S/C: L-49/58

2116hrs- Div. 7 S/C (2) Trucks.
S/C: L-17/19
2135hrs- Car 8 places fire U/C.

03/10/07 Bronx- 3rd Alarm
« on: March 12, 2007, 01:09:58 AM »