Author Topic: The Bridgeport Shuffle  (Read 825 times)

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The Bridgeport Shuffle
« on: February 18, 2017, 12:00:35 PM »
March 1st, 1964, the Bridgeport FD moved four engine companies among existing firehouses when it closed Engine 1's John Street house.

Engine 1 moved to HQ on Middle St, displacing Engine 5
Engine 5 moved to lower Madison Ave, displacing Engine 4
Engine 4 moved to Maplewood St, displacing Engine 9
and in this game of musical firehouses,
Engine 9 lost their firehouse and moved in with Engine 16 on upper Madison Ave.  9 was disbanded in 1967.

A very unique redeployment.  I wonder if the original intent was to ultimately replace 16 with 9?

The Bridgeport Shuffle
« on: February 18, 2017, 12:00:35 PM »

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Re: The Bridgeport Shuffle
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I just want to add a little BFD history. The John Street Firehouse was 2 stories with a peaked roof with Engine 1's two Macks side by side in the main bay. Then there was a one story bay addition on the B side of that structure which had a horse drawn steamer pump less the horses sitting in the back of that bay. I wonder what ever happened to that piece. The reason that they eliminated the John Street Firehouse was that it was in the path of the new highway which was going to branch off of the Connecticut Turnpike ( I - 95). The new highway was Route 25 - 8 and they also had to tear down many other buildings including my church (First Presbyterian) and a 5 story brownstone next to the church just like you would find in NYC.