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Tribute to Police, Fire, and EMS
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:21:50 PM »
 A couple of weeks ago, while looking for a Firefighter Tribute Video to post in a Newsletter I do, I came across a video called "Angels Among Us". It was posted by a woman named Linda Wells. Who I later found out that has quit a story to tell. After watching this video, I thanked her for posting such a video, and I told her I would use that video in the latest Newsletter I do.

 She told me that she had a Great amount of respect for police officers, firefighters and EMT/Medics. Of course I agreed with her on that. But then she also told me that she was once a police officer in Washington, DC and she received a serious head injury that forced her off the job.

 With that, she wanted to spread the word about the kind of work that these HERO's do. She started posting these videos. Videos honoring Police, Fire, and EMS from EVERY STATE in the Country. So far she has posted 26 (?) of them, with more to come.

 Her interest seems to be posting photos with music. I hope you will subscribe to her videos. A few days ago she had only three subscribers. As I write this she has 15. She would also greatly appreciate any positive comments you might have to say about any of the videos. I think it would kind of make her day.

 This was the First video that I watched. About firefighters, it's called: "Angels Among Us".


 Here is another featuring Police of North Carolina:

Tribute to Police, Fire, and EMS
« on: March 30, 2017, 08:21:50 PM »