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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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A few obvious nicknames:

     Fire Academy - "The Rock"

     Fleet Maintenance Division - "The Shops"

In regards to "Shops" as mack posted; here is a shot from NYC Historical Society of the "Shops" horseshoe repair unit in front of a firehouse.

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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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Relative to Danny Pís post on Ladder Company 112 and the No Frills Truck.  When I was a Fireman in TL-111 and both Companies were in the 37 Battalion, they were known as the Ant Farm.  But, I will tell all that they were one of the Greatest Ladder Companies I have worked in.  I was detailed to 112 many times.  I spent 36 years OTJ and worked in 4 Boroís. I worked everywhere, especially after getting promoted to Captain after 911. Whenever I got detailed to 112, it was a Good tour.  The Strength of personality made the Place a Superior Shop.  Tremendous Fireman and Great Guys...
Thanks John, those were very nice comments, I was very lucky to work with outstanding guys like yourself! I recall many times detailed to the "Nut House" and learning valuable tricks of the trade working alongside some of the finest firefighters I have ever experienced that showed grace and professionalism.

Concerning the "Ant Farm", readers should understand the living conditions in this firehouse to appreciate the term and how it came to goes. The old firehouse on Knickerbocker Ave was a three story brick, one bay firehouse typical for a single engine company, Engine 277. The firehouse was situated in a school yard, only the front of the firehouse faced the street, the firehouse was virtually a three wall handball court. Ladder 112 had a similiar firehouse on Madison Street about two blocks away. Little fuzzy on the math, but the 112 firehouse was going to be renovated somewhere around the late 60's and so 112 was to move in with 277 as a "temporary" relocation. The night 112 moved into Knickerbocker Av, their original quarters burnt down!

So now, there was two fire companies in a small single unit, one bay, firehouse. Cramp living wouldn"t begin to describe the condition. But, we loved the close quarters. The rigs were parked front to back, did not matter who was in front, only mattered when the tones went off and your rig was not assigned it had to be moved. We never placed our gear on the side of the rig, always on the floor somewhere on the apparatus floor, this way the front rig could move without dropping gear in the road. It was always a race "back" to the firehouse taking up from boxes as the desired spot was to be parked the rear. During early morning hours if the tones went off and you were in the rear the LCC or MPO would not have to get up and move the rig if the run was not for you. (of course sometimes during busy night-tour you would hear the tone come in, wonder if you were in the rear or not...only to have the housewatch yell "Hey Ladder chaueffeur, move your effen rig"). The rigs were parked almost bumper to bumper, very tight walking between. And this was before we got dual axels on the truck!

The kitchen was very small, almost like a galley kitchen in a home. No room for a table, yet it was very typical to have six or seven guys in there at a time, "standing room only", while someone was cooking. The small tv/dining room had two tables next to each other side by side. We had a "flip up table" mounted on far wall to place the meals on. Best seat in the house would be tight against the outer wall because if you sat in the middle of the tables your back would br crunched against the other guy sitting behind you.

Should you have a "gastro attack" you hoped that one of two toilets were available. One make shift portable shower on the third floor, most times you had to wait your turn. This was home, warts and all.

Guys loved it, the back and forth b@llbreaking was relentless, sharp and vicious, you had no where to hide! There were times I laughed so hard my face would hurt. Some of the best firefighters I would ever work with in my career!

How we become the "Ant Farm"; A recent transfer order brings a couple of new faces to the firehouse. All are cheery, eager to become part of our team. One of the transfers is walking around like a caged tiger, pale, scratching his head, almost talking to himself. This goes on for about two or three tours. One tour he blows up, starts yelling to whoever will listen, calls his old shop on department phone at housewatch and tells his boss to "get me the hell out of this God forsaken Ant Farm, I've had it...". Those of us who heard it, looked at each other and realized "history" had just been made. Never saw the lad again...And so it began....

Ladder 112 former quarters - 1171 Madison St. - built 1893 for BFD Ladder 12 - picture 1940:


Engine 277/Ladder 112 former quarters -  582 Knickerbocker Ave. - built 1913 for Engine 277 FDNY - picture 1940:


Engine 277/Ladder 112 current quarters - 582 Knickerbocker Ave. - built 2007:



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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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While 112 was still on Madison St TCU*732 operated out of 277's FH for a period during adaptive Response hours.

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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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Engine 45 "It ain't easy being green"


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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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Ladder 55 "Not to worry"


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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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Ladder 19 - "Nobody's perfect"


     (photo taken by Mike Dick)

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Re: FDNYs Classic Rig Logo's
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I know this post is "Classic Rig Logo's" but I saw some post with "Company Nicknames"
So this is what I came up with. Wondering if I missed any.

E-1 L-24 Midtown Madness, Midtown Express, The Raging Bulls, Say No More

E-3 L-12 B-7 The Pride of Chelsea, Dirty Dozen, Fighting the Devil, Westside Warriors

E-4 L-15 Home of the Wall Street Bulls, Financial District, High Rise Roof Team

E-5 14th Street Express

E-6 Beekman Tigers

E-7 L-1 B-1 Duane Street Manor, Magnificent 7, Duane Street Circus, Heavy Hitters, The Original 1

E-8 L-2 B-8 Eight Ball, Snoopy, Midtown High Rise

E-9 L-6 Dragon Fighters, Pride of Chinatown

E-10 L-10 Ten House, Perfect 10, Bulls and Bears, Defending Liberty Street, Still Standing, On Top Of The World

E-14 Sweet 14

E-15 L-18 B-4 Tug Boat, Fort Pitt

E-16 L-7 Madison Square Eagles, Pride of Madison Square, We Can Do That, Protecting the Empire

E-21 The 21 Club

E-22 L-13 B-10 The Pride of Yorkville, Mehr Damen Dann Flamen

E-23 The West Side Tigers, Lions Den

E-24 L-5 B-2 Red Rover, Phoenix Stuff, Greenwhich Village, Stuffy

E-26 The Killer Bees, The Bat Cave, Single and Lovin It

E-28 L-11 Los Bomberos Primero, Alphabet City, Lucky Eleven, The Pride Of The Lower Eastside

E-33 L-9 Bowery U, Great Jones Street, Bowery Boys

E-34 L-21 38th Street Mutts, Hells Kitchen

E-35 L-14 B-12 Still First, Forever Faithful, Super Tower, Heaven in Harlem

E-36 Skells Angels, No Fear, Harlem Hose Trotters

E-37 L-40 Life Begins at 40 Truck, Heart of Harlem, All the Way

E-39 L-16 Gold Coast, The Giant, Fidus et Auday

E-40 L-35 The Cavemen, The Pirates, The Opera Fans

E-44 Fightin Fourty Four, In Omnia Paratus

E-47 Pride of Morning Side, First Due at the U

E-53 L-43 EL Barrios Bravest, Spanish Harlem

E-54 L-4 B-9 Pride of Midtown, Never Missed a Performance, Show Goes On

E-55 Cinquanta Cinque, Second to None, Little Italy

E-58 L-26 Fire Factory

E-59 L-30 Harlem Zoo

E-65 Midtown Mob, Midtown's Most Wanted, That is all and Nothing More

E-67 Single and Lovin It, The Pride of the Heights

E-69 L-28 B-16 Welcome to the Harlem Hilton

E-74 Pink Panther, The Lost World

E-76 L-22 B-11 Monumental Pride, From Harlem to the Hudson

E-80 L-23 Vinegar Hill Gang

E-84 L-34 Where Harlem Reaches the Heights, Knights of the Heights

E-91 Spanish Harlem, Say No More

E-93 L-45 B-13 We Cross the Bridge, Washington Bridge, Men Of The Heights

E-95 L-36 The Last Stop, The End of The Line, The Pride of Inwood

L-3 B-6 Recon The Bowery to Bellevue, Union Square

L-8 Tribeca, Ghost Busters, Land Of The Loft, The Smoke Busters

L-20 D-1 SoHo Truckin, Hell's 100 Acres

L-25 D-3 Ten Seventy Five, West Side, South Bronx Harlem, Scourge Of The West

R-1 Out Standing

Sq-18 Tried as Gold Tested By Fire, Wild West Village, South of the Park

MA1 McKean

MCO XCO From Woodlawn to Wall Street

E-38 L-51 The Occupied North Bronx, Da Dog House

E-42 Da OK Corral, Made From the Best Stuff on Earth

E-43 L-59 Best in the West, Sedgewick Slashers, Blue Devils

E-45 L-58 B-18 The Eagles, The Fire Hogs, All is Good

E-46 L-27 Cross Bronx Express

E-48 L-56 D-7 The Fordham House, Rapid Axes, Fordham U

E-50 L-19 B-26 Just Passing Thru, Nobody's Perfect

E-52 L-52 Riverdale, The Red Devils, Pride of Riverdale

E-60 L-17 B-14 Green Berets

E-62 L-32 The Gun Hill Gang

E-63 L-39 B-15 Top of Da Bronx, Wakefield Warriors, Bronx Border Blaze Busters, Thriller Tiller, The Pride Of Woodlawn

E-64 L-47 The Caslte Hill Gang

E-66 L-61 The Co-Op Crew, Bronx Viking

E-68 L-49 The House on the Hill, Protecting the Legend

E-70 L-53 Fantasy Island, Where Every Run is an Adventure

E-71 L-55 D-6 The War Wagon, Not to Worry

E-72 Never a Dull Moment

E-73 L-42 The Elephant House, Casa de Elephante, The Animal House

E-75 L-33 B-19 The Animal House,Domesus Ferarum

E-79 L-37 B-27 Da Bronx Bravest

E-81 L-46 Bailey Ave Bombers, Da Pride of Kingsbridge

E-82 L-31 La Casa Grande

E-83 L-29 Da Bums on Da Hill, Mayhem in Mott Haven

E-88 L-38 First Due at the Zoo

E-89 L-50 The Cuckoos Nest

E-90 L-41 90 Proof, Van Nest Hose Company

E-92 L-44 B-17 Popeye South Bronx

E-94 L-48 B-3 Hunts Point Devils

E-96 L-54 New York's Bravest, Story Ave Gang, End of Story, Charging In, Rhinos

E-97 The Astor Hilton

R-3 Big Blue
Sq-41 The Best of Both Worlds, On The Knob

Sq-61 B-20 Plug Uglies, Taking in a Job Near You, Protecting the East North Bronx

Queens Dispatch Racoon Lodge

E-251 The Last Outpost

E-258 L-115 Big Apple Fire Fighters, This Old House

E-259 L-128 B-45 Tombstone Territory

E-260 Long Island City Lightning

E-261 L-116 Flaming Skulls

E-262 The River Rats, Stay Low Stay Nuts

E-263 L-117 Astoria Road Runners, None Better, Between the Rock & A Hard Place, Sponges

E-264 E-328 L-134 The Big House

E-265 L-121 B-47 Best of the Beach

E-266 Holland House

E-268 L-137 The Beach House

Sq-270 D-13 Queens Marines, Richmond Hill Raiders, Strictly Business

E-273 L-129 The Mouse House, First Due at Shea, First Due at Citi Field, Downtown Flushing

E-274 B-52 The Orient Express

E-275 L-133 Merrick Blvd Magic, Now You See It Now You Don’t

E-285 L-142 Blazing Saddles, Ozone Park

E-286 L-135 The Myrtle Gypsies, The Myrtle Turtles, Glendale Gypsies

E-287 L-136 B-46 The Grand Ave Gorillas, The Elmhurts Eagles, The Grand Ave Eagles

Sq-288 HM-1 The Maspeth Mutts, Fortuna Favet Fortibus

E-289 L-138 The Corona Tigers

E-291 L-140 Ridgewood Border Patrol, Black Sheep, Metropolitan Express

E-292 R-4 Winfield Cougars, Popeye, Brothers in Battle

E-293 The Woodhaven Wildcats

E-294 L-143 El's Angels

E-295 L-144 We Cover Across, The Whitestone Eagles

E-297 L-130 Sleepy Hollow, Pride of the Point

E-298 L-127 B-50 Hillside Hurricanes, The Hillside Hilton

E-299 L-152 The Utopia Express, The Web

E-301 L-150 The Hollis Hogs, Knights of Fire

E-302 L-155 The Vipers Nest, Top Guns

E-303 L-126 Princeton Tigers

E-304 L-162 Border Patrol

E-305 L-151 Pride of the Hills, Dem Da Hills

E-306 The Bayside Bulls, Running With the Bulls

E-307 L-154 Hang on We're Coming, Jackson Heights Knights

E-308 B-51 Semper Paratus, It Ain't Easy Being Single

E-311 L-158 The Swamp Dogs

E-312 B-49 Hell Gate Fire Fighters, Hell Gate Gang

E-313 L-164 The End of the Rainbow, Racoon Lagoon, All The President’s Men

E-314 On the Edge, Swamp Dogs

E-315 L-125 Clown College, The Greatest Show on Earth, Big Top on the Hill Top

E-316 Land Air & Sea

E-317 L-165 B-54 St. Albans Sleepless Knights

E-319 Lone Wolf

E-320 L-167 Kings of Queens, The Patriots

E-324 D-14 Queen's Burros, Corona

E-325 L-163 Stairway to Heaven, Woodside Warriors, We Rise to da Occasion, Pride of Woodside

E-326 L-160 B-53 Taj Mahal, The Springfield Express, What Me Worry, Road Warriors, Get It Done

E-329 The Beach Boys, The Beach Club, Caddy Shack

E-331 L-173 Crossbay Flukes, Reingolds Reef, On The Bay

Sq-1 The Only One, Not A Fire To Big Not A Rescue To Great

R-2 The Bulldogs, Da Banger

E-201 L-114 B-40 Can Do, Emerald Isle, Tally Ho

E-202 L-101 B-32 Red Hook Raiders, 7 in Heaven

E-204 DeGraw St

E-205 L-118 The Brooklyn Bridge Club, Fire Under the Bridge

E-206 The Brooklyn Gashouse Gang

E-207 L-110 B-31 D-11 Club Tillary, Fort Greene, The Tillary Street Tigers

E-209 L-102 Bedford Express

E-210 Fort Green Bravest

E-211 L-119 Victory Engine The Tower of Power The Lions of Hooper Street

E-212 The Peoples Fire House, Brooklyn's Own

E-214 L-111 The Nut House

E-216 L-108 B-35 Pride of Williamsburg, Union Ave, Going Gets Tough, Seigel Eagles of 108

E-217 Bed Sty Smoke Busters

E-218 The Bushwick Bomberos

E-219 L-105 Tines Place Dean Street Brooklyn Braves, Nobody’s Perfect

E-220 L-122 Pride of Park Slope, Ghost Riders, First Due At Farrells

E-221 L-104 The SouthSide

E-222 B-37 Triple Deuce, You Light Em We Fight Em

E-224 The Hick Street Hicks, Brooklyn Heights, Trench Dawgs

E-225 L-107 B-39 Faithful and Fearless, Lincoln Linden, Covering The Corners

E-226 Injun, Brooklyn Fire Water

E-227 King of The Hill

E-228 All In, First at the Bush, The Bush Wackers

E-229 L-146 The Mack Attack, Thunderbolts, The Mutha of All Engines, Ace in the Hole, 1st Due At The Brew, We Walk The Line

E-230 The Rat That Roared, The Pride of Bed Sty

E-231 L-120 B-44 Watkins Street Warriors, The Pride Of Brownsville, The Tradition Continues, The Tower Of Brownsville

E-233 L-176 To Hull and Back, The Tin House Truck, The Tin House

E-234 L-123 B-38 St. Johns Place East

E-235 B-57 The Eye of Bed Sty

E-236 Ghetto Sam, Red Mean Machine, The Pride Of East New York

E-237 Bushwick

E-238 L-106 Greenpoint, Guardians of Greenpoint, The Tiller Truck

E-239 4th Ave Express

E-240 B-48 The Road Runners

E-241 L-109 3rd Ave Express

E-242 Guardian of the Narrows

E-243 L-168 B-42 The 18th Ave Express, Send Help, Bath Bay, Fire No Problem, 18th Ave Crew

E-245 L-161 B-43 The Fun House, The Best Ride in Coney Island

E-246 L-169 Hell in the Bay, Fightin’ Brighton, Brighton’s Bravest

E-247 40 Heaven, Hot Stuff

E-248 B-41 Heart of Flatbush

E-249 L-113 Camp Rogers Rats, The Rat House

E-250 The Parkville Eagles, Foster Ave, Outback Engine

Sq-252 In Squad We Trust

E-253 Bensonhurt's Bravest

E-254 L-153 The Watch Dog's of Ave U

E-255 L-157 The Jolly Rogers, Flatbush Trucking Company

E-257 L-170 B-58 Canarises Bravest The Right Stuff

E-271 L-124 B-28 Himrod Hose Heads, Tonka Truck

E-276 L-156 B-33 The Highway

E-277 L-112 House of Pain, Ant Farm

E-278 Sunest Park

E-279 L-131 The Happy Hookers

E-280 L-132 St. Johns Place, The Eye of the Storm

E-281 L-147 Da Pride of Flatbush

E-282 L-148 It Aint Easy, Boro Park, Fighting The Red Devil
E-283 D-15 Brownsville Express

E-284 L-149 Castle On The Hill

E-290 L-103 Pride of Sheffield Ave, POSA, You Done Good

E-309 L-159 The Friendly Fire House

E-310 L-174 Snyder Island, The Lords of Flatbush, The Snyder Express

E-318 L-166 Kings of Neptune

E-321 Going to Blazes, Charging In

E-323 Fully Involved

E-330 L-172 65th Street Bravest, Garfield, 65th St Express, Blackhawks, The Hulk, Boys Of Bensonhurst, The Boys in the Hurst

E-332 L-175 Time Where, East New York Trucking Company, Steady Lads

M6 Second to None

E-151 L-76 Southern Comfort, South Shore Pride

E-152 B-21 The Eye of the Hurricane, The Rosebank Hurricanes

E-153 L-77 Broad Street Bullies, On the Water Front

Sq-8 The Ocho

E-154 Splendor in the Grass
E-155 L-78 The Hot Corner

E-156 The Best of Broadway, The Broadway Express

E-157 L-80 Cougar Country

E-158 Harbor Knights

E-159 We Can Do it All

E-160 R-5 D-8 The Hillbillies, Like The Wind, Brooklyn South, Blue Thunder, We Cover The Hills

E-161 L-81 The Beach Boys

E-162 L-82 B-23 The Harbor View Boys, Shore Patrol, The Pride of the South Shore, Ticket To Ride, Great Kills Express

E-163 L-83 Covering the Corners, Westerleigh Wolf Pack

E-164 L-84 Heat Huguenot Engine & Truck, Close to the Edge, OZ

E-165 L-85 White Lighting, Monster Truck

E-166 L-86 RAF, The Eagles, Bullshead

E-167 L-87 Fire & Heat, Fire & Ice, Magnificent 7's

E-168 Rossville Express, Shanghi Express

L-79 B-22 North Shore Truckin, The Filthy Fire House, First To The Flames, Richmond Raiders

M-9 Acentury of Service, Fire Fighter 2

Took me all day to do this lol and I had all the info on a spread sheet

I see the RAC Units just came out with one

“When It’s Roaring We’re Pouring”
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