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NYC Marathon 2017
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:08:34 AM »
1. Dispatchers shall avoid dispatching units to Locations that will require units to cross the Marathon Route

2. At 06:00Hrs the Staten Island Task force is established at the Quarters of E-160 R-5 D-8
(B-42 Along with E-245,330,247 L-166,169) (L-172 relocates to L-77)
*D-8 & R-5 will not be dispatched off the Island till 12:30*

-Additional fire units to respond to S.I Via Holland Tunnel & Bayonne Bridge (Box 300)
-L-706 (reserved Ladder) will be staffed at E-160
-B-71 staffed in Staten Island

E-240 Act. E-247
E-276 Act. E-330

3. At 07:30hrs L-77 special called to the V.Z Bridge to plaza to act as a control tower for the Event
-Special call E-154 w/ Foam 154 & E-163 w/ Purple K 163 to Ft. Wadsworth baseball field to provide coverage for incoming landing of 2 helicopters

4. At 09:00 establish Brooklyn Task Force #? Leader B-40 dedicated to respond west of route
*West Side*(@51st St B-40 E-201 & L-114)
* East Side (@52nd St E-202 & L-113)
* 39th St (E-228)
* 92nd St (E-242)
* 7th St (E-239)
*Manhatthan Ave & Greenpoint Ave (E-238 & L-106)

Manhattan Task Force #1 responds east of 1st Ave
*79th St (B-2 E-4 E-14 & L-18)

Manhattan Task Force #2
* East 116th St & Pleasant Ave (B-26 E-80 E-325 & L-42)

Manhattan Task Force #3
* At Quarters (B-12 E-35 & L-14) Respond East of 5th Ave

Manhattan Task Force #4
* At Quarters (E-59 & L-30) Respond West of 5th Ave
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NYC Marathon 2017
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:08:34 AM »