Author Topic: Branford Ct 5/5/18 House Fire  (Read 539 times)

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Branford Ct 5/5/18 House Fire
« on: May 05, 2018, 08:29:03 PM »
28 Mill Plain Rd dispatch as a couch fire for E-1,2,5,Res-1,Trk1 and Car 6. Car 6 responding start up Guilford Fire mutual aid I have a Header visible @2010.

2010 Guilford RIT enroute
2011 Car 6 on scene reports working fire 1 1/2 wood heavy fire showing from the front of the house. Eng 9 added to the working fire and Car 1,2 now responding. Car 6 request truck company mutual aid.
2012 Command reports power lines down.
2020 Command reports bulk of the fire knocked down
2028  Command reports heavy smoke pushing from the attic
2034 Command report still reports fire still active in the attic

***Both Medic Units were tied up on medicals at the time of dispatch so the Trk 1 was unable to respond on the initial dispatch*****
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Branford Ct 5/5/18 House Fire
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Re: Branford Ct 5/5/18 House Fire
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Couple still photos from a video that was sent to me

T1 (w/ off duty member)
M1(Did respond Medic on the Engine driver hydrant man)
M2(Cleared Hospital & responded late)
Car-2(Assist Chief)
Car-5(Vollie DC)
Car-9(Safety & Training Chief)

PD also said they had a header

Keith we probably got the same video. I canít upload it either

Anyone click the link see if it works where you can view the video
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