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Air Force officer wants to use bombs to fight California wildfires
By Max Jaeger
August 9, 2018 | 11:22pm | Updated

He wants to fight fire with firepower.
An Air Force staff officer says firefighters battling blazes in California and Colorado should take a page from Sweden’s playbook and drop bombs on the conflagrations to extinguish them.
On its surface, the notion flies in the face of logic — how could an explosion put out a fire? But USAF Staff Officer Mike Benitez says shockwaves caused by detonation can blow out fires like candles on a birthday cake.
“This was recently put into practice in Sweden, where a Gripen fighter jet from the Swedish Air Force dropped a single 500-pound bomb on a forest fire, momentarily depriving the blaze of oxygen and successfully extinguishing it within 100 yards of the detonation point,” wrote Benitez, a former Marine and current Air Force officer, on his blog
Indeed, the Swedes delivered the fire-fighting payload on July 25 when a blaze that traditional firefighters could not reach began to threaten a residential community, according to vehicle-tech website The Drive.

“The Air Force can put a bomb anywhere in the world within a three-foot circle, extremely close to friendly forces on the ground, all while avoiding collateral damage to buildings and infrastructure,” Benitez wrote, noting he speaks for himself and not the Air Force.
“The same personnel, equipment, and procedures could be easily adapted and integrated into firefighting — an air controller embedded with firefighters could use close air support procedures to direct air strikes.”
The airman suggests using a B-1 bomber to deliver 500-pound BLU-129/B low-collateral damage warheads. He picked the plane because it can carry a lot, and the bombs because they create a larger shockwave with less shrapnel than most bombs, making them ideal for snuffing out fires.

« on: August 10, 2018, 07:48:22 PM »