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Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 04-09-19
« on: April 09, 2019, 03:14:28 PM »
Date: 04-09-19
Time: 0959
Location: 325 Yonkers Ave X Midland Ave 'Waste Management'
Description: Fire in a 40,000 sq foot waste transfer station

0959hrs- Multiple calls for 'large' fire in the waste transfer facility
E-307, 312, 306, 313; L-75, 73, R-1, B2

1004hrs- E-306 on location, 10-29 (Working Fire), 10-30 (All-Hands)
10-30: Squad 11, L-71 FAST, B1

1005hrs- Req, PD forthwith for traffic, req. WCPD to shut Yonkers Ave exit from Cross County Pkway

1010hrs- B2 transmitting 2nd Alarm for manpower.
2nd Alarm: E304, 310, 74

1015hrs- B1 rpts putting 71 to work, req new FAST
S/C: L-70

1017hrs- B1 rpts large pile of garbage with heavy fire in a storage facility.

1019hrs- Car 2 req. MA Engine and Truck to cover.
MA: New Rochelle Engine 22, Ladder 12

1036hrs- Car 2 rpts heavy smoke condition, all co's operating.

1103hrs- Car 2 rpts all co's continue to operate, opening up the roof.

1128hrs- Car 2 rpts conditions unchanged. Using heavy equipment to remove and spread garbage

1200hrs- Car 2 rpts multiple hand lines in operation, setting up a Tower Ladder.

1315hrs- Car 2 rpts (2) Tower Ladders in operation. SC Foam Unit

1351hrs- Car 2 rpts making progress

1417hrs- SC Engine for relief
SC: E309

1430hrs- Req. L-78 (Recall manpower) to scene for relief

1438hrs- Fire Under Control

Yonkers, NY- 2nd Alarm 04-09-19
« on: April 09, 2019, 03:14:28 PM »