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Newark Fire Apparatus
« on: April 28, 2019, 05:14:23 PM »
For those that don't know Newark is New Jersey's largest city that has both heavy fire duty and a poor financial decision making. It is not uncommon for companies in 1 and 2 Battalions to go to a fire every tour, sometimes going to even four. It is New Jersey's largest fire department staffing 16 engines, 8 trucks, a rescue, 6 Battalion Chiefs and a Deputy Chiefs who acts as a tour commander. The current fleet ranges from three "open cap" 1987-1989 110' E-One rear mounts (Ex-L6, T7 and L33) which are kept in reserve service using three of their dead compatriots which are kept on blocks at the Fire Academy for part.  These E-Ones are more often in front line service then not due to the deteriorating condition of the fleet. The reserve fleet is numbered with even 30 series being engines and odd, being ladders (unfortunately I am not up to date). L6 (TL) is cross staffed by SOC for special calls, due it being the only tower in the city. Recently there was talk of acquiring Roseland, NJ's Ex-L665, a 1985 Pierce Arrow TL. Additionally there is talk of requiring the USAR Shoring Unit, a 2013 Peterbuilt/LDV from Milburn. In recent years the department has been moving to a unified color scheme of red with a buff yellow stripe between new buys and refurbishments. Prior to that it was white over yellow with a red stripe. Then from the late 90s' to just before the red scheme, the idea was every battalion would have its own paint scheme. Battalion 3 was white with a blue stripe. Battalion 4 was red with a white stripe. Battalion 5 was white with a red stripe. I don't believe that Battalion 1 ever had their own paint schemes and instead kept the white/yellow and red stripe and Battalion 2 is the on tour safety officer. Additionally, R1 was white over yellow with a blue stripe and E7 and E9 had demo ALFs being white over red with a white stripe and sliver over red with a yellow stripe respectively. Additionally the Air Cascade is Red over white with red and black striping. Along with the unified paint scheme the department has been trying to buy newer trucks, which obviously they are lacking. Unfortunately with poor fiscal resources and the leadership not looking for input from the members, recently some of their acquisitions have had issues. For example L11's new E-One Metro has been out for two months with the members piling into a Durango with a trunk full of tools and air packs. Despite this, NFD has displayed some great firemanship by overcoming and adapting to serve and protect the city. In the future there is talk of returning Ladder 1 to service and moving it along with most likely Engine 7 (or possibly 5) to a new fire house downtown by the Prudential Center. 

Company                      Make & Model                         Specs                                Notes
E5                              2008 ALF                         1250/750   
E6                              2001 E-One                         1250/750                        Ex-E17, Ex-E12
E7                              2008 ALF                         1250/750   
E9                              2008 ALF                         1250/750   
E10                              2014 E-One Typhoon         1500/800   
E11                              1995 E-One                         1250/750   
E13                              1997 E-One                         1250/750   
E14                              2016 E-One Typhoon         2000/780/25                Industrial Area
E15                              2011 Ferrara Ember         1500/750   
E16                              1997 E-One                         1250/750                        Ex-E10
E18                                1995 E-One                         1250/750   
E19                              2003 E-One                         1250/500/250   
E26                              2011 Ferrara Ember         1500/750   
E27                              1997 E-One                         1250/500                        Ex-E15
E28                              2003 E-One                         1500/500/250                Ex-E14
E29                              2011 Ferrara Ember         1500/750   
L4                              2003 E-One                         110' RM                        Ex-L11
L5                              2018 E-One Metro                 110' RM   
L6                              2008 ALF                         110' RM                        Ex-L5
L7                              2018 E-One Metro                 110' RM   
L8                              1997 E-One                        110' RM   
L10                              1996 E-One                         110' RM                        Ex-L7, Ex-L11
L11                              2018 E-One Metro                 110' RM   
L12                              1998 E-One                         110' RM   
R1                              2009 E-One      
BC1                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
BC2                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
BC3                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
BC4                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
BC5                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
SOC                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
DC1                              2018 Ford F-350XL      
Decon                      2010 Pierce Saber                                                        Cross-Staffed E11   
Spill                              2010 Freightliner/ Pierce                                                Cross-Staffed L11
R2                              2006 Spartan/ Rescue 1                                                Cross-Staffed L5
Mobile Lab                      2012 Freightliner/Pierce                                                 SOC   
Mobile Command Unit    2006 GMC/ Supreme                                                  SOC   
Zodiac 19                     1995 Chevrolet                                                             Cross-Staffed E19
Special Operations        2012 Ford F350/ Knapeide
Air Cascade                  2005 Pierce Saber                                                         SOC
E30                              1989/2000 E-One                  1250/300/50' Teleboom     Acting E27, Ex-E28
E34                              1993 E-One                          1250/750   
E36                              1994 E-One                          1250/750                         Ex-E6
E38                              1994 E-One                          1250/300/50' Teleboom     Ex-E16
Ex-L6                      1989 E-One                          110' RM TL                         SOC, Ex-T1
Ex-L6                      1989 E-One                          110' RM   
Ex-T7                      1987 E-One                          110' RM   
L33                              1987 E-One                          110' RM   
HM1                              1986 Spartan/Steeldraulics                                         Reserve HazMat/ Rescue
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Newark Fire Apparatus
« on: April 28, 2019, 05:14:23 PM »

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Re: Newark Fire Apparatus
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2019, 11:09:01 PM »
Its amazing how crappy politicians can ruin a great department.

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Re: Newark Fire Apparatus
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2019, 12:06:50 AM »
I think the case can be made that it's still a great department. But there are and certainly was external and internal politics that have hurt the department.

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Re: Newark Fire Apparatus
« Reply #3 on: May 01, 2019, 02:43:31 PM »
Let's hope the department gets better. Politics have been killing our civil services for a long time and that's not good.

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Re: Newark Fire Apparatus
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Couple Changes for Newark FD Apparatus

E32 - 1991 - EOne Ex E27
E40 - 1997 - EOne Ex E18
L31 - 1997 - EOne Ex L1, L6
L33 - 1991 - EOne Ex L4
L35 - 1995 - EOne Ex L5, L10
L37 - 1993 - EOne (Bought from Elizabeth)
L39 - 2008 - ALF Ex L11

The 1987s And 1989 Ladders are Gone

Also They can't fit a Ladder inside Engine 5 or Engine 7 Firehouse (E7 because they wont fit Batt 1)
L11 was out so long due to a T-Bone

SOps was Suppose to be Manning the Only Tower but it's been out trying to Fix it.

L4 hit a bridge not to long ago and there rig is gonna be down awhile using L39

E27 got there rig back

Lastly All Rigs are Painted Red Besides E19 E13 L8 L12 and Speaking of all them rigs they are OOS now besides L12 

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Re: Newark Fire Apparatus
« Reply #5 on: May 16, 2019, 12:57:24 PM »
University Hospital is in the market for another Rescue, looks like it may end end up being a light ESU style vehicle.