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05/03/19 Chelsea, MA - 3rd Alarm
« on: May 03, 2019, 05:25:13 PM »
Box 124

48 Watts Street

Heavy Fire in the Rear of a 2 Story Wood Frame with Extension to the Rear of a 3 Story Wood Frame Triple Decker.

17:03 - 2nd Alarm Struck on Arrival with the 3rd Alarm Struck approximately 30 Sec. later.

17:07 - Command reports Possible Entrapment in the Exposure Structure.

17:13 - Command reports that Primary Searches are Negative in Both Structures. Multiple L/S/O. Crews are making Good Progress on the Original Fire Building.

17:30 - Command is s/c an additional Engine to the Exposure for RIT Duties.

17:33 - Chelsea Dispatch reports that they have a report of a Possible Unaccounted person in the Original Fire Building, possibly in the Basement. Crews are making entry into the Structure. An additional Ladder has been s/c to the scene for RIT Duties.

17:40 - Command reports that the Bulk of the Fire has been Knocked Down in the Original Fire Building. There is Active Fire on the 3rd Floor of the Exposure. Trucks are Opening Up. All Companies Working.

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05/03/19 Chelsea, MA - 3rd Alarm
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