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11-06-07 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm
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Date: 11-06-07
Time: 1240hrs
Box: 2442
Area: Flatbush
First Due: E-255/L-147/B-41
Location: 1158 Flatbush Ave X Dorchester
Description Of Incident: Heavy fire in a 1st floor taxpayer of a 3-story mixed.
Writer: Truck4


1236hrs- (4) Engines, (2) Trucks, Rescue, Squad 1 due to numerous calls.

1238hrs- L-157, E-255 will be delayed

1239hrs- E-281 transmitting 10-75.

(1240hrs- 10-75 Box 1240- 176 South 8th Ave)

1241hrs- B-41 rpts All-Hands On Arrival for a fully involved 1st floor taxpayer of a 3-story mixed 20X65. Exposures #2 and #4 are attached. S/C Engine and Truck. L-113 FAST.
S/C: E-250/L-174

1242hrs- Receiving calls for 1137 Flatbush rpts of kids trapped.

1243hrs- 10-7 rpts kids trapped in the store.

1244hrs- B-41 transmitting 2nd Alarm.
2nd Alarm: E-240, 310, 280; L-132; B-33 (Safety), B-38 (RUL), Safety B/C, Rescue B/C; TAC-2, Field Comm.

(1245hrs- Box 1240 B-35 rpts fire on the 4th floor of a 6-story OMD. Fire K/D. Rescue 4 and S-252 assigned.)

1249hrs- B-41 rpts (2) L/S/O for heavy fire in a 'Dollar Store' with possible extension to the floor above. Co's have water on the fire.

1258hrs- Div. 15 transmitting 3rd Alarm. units to report to staging at Flatbush X Ditmars.
3rd Alarm: E-330, 247, 220, 276; L-159, X; B-40 (Staging) B-32 (3rd Alarm), B-58 (Air Recon); MSU

1300hrs- Div. 15 req. Engine, Truck, B/C to 426 E-22 St. on Exposure #3 side.

1306hrs- Div. 15 rpts fire on 1st floor K/D. Extension to the 2nd floor and possible extension to the 3rd floor. Primary 3rd floor (-).

1309hrs- Div. 15 rpts fire K/D on 1st and 2nd floors. D/W/H.

1313hrs- B-32 rpts no conditon at 426 E.22nd St. Units redirected to staging area.

1314hrs- B-58 (Air Recon) being returned.

1318hrs- Div. 15 rpts all visible fire is extinguished. Primary 2nd and 3rd floors (-). Slight extension to the cockloft, K/D. P/W/H.

1415hrs- Car 4C rpts fire U/C.
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11-06-07 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm
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