Author Topic: 11-13-07 Va. Beach, Va. 2nd Alarm Fire in a Hi-Rise Multiple Dwelling  (Read 1230 times)

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303 Atlantic Avenue
Between: 3rd Street & 4th Street
Fire in a Hi-Rise Multiple Dwelling

2102: E11, E14, L11, Bat1 (response for an alarm activation)

2104: Caller reports fire & smoke on the 3rd floor

2105: 1st alarm filled + working fire response, E12, E8, TL8, Sq3, Safety1, Bat3, Car5

2107: Bat1 "On scene with E14 & L11, investigating"

2113: Bat1 "confirmed working fire, fire in Room 300 on the 3rd floor with heavy smoke throughout the 3rd floor, transmit a 2nd alarm, staging to be at 500 Atlantic Ave."

2114: E3, E16, E1, TL16, Sq10, Bat4, Bat8, Bat12(PIO), Car7, Car2

2117: Bat1 "Rehab set up on 3rd St. between Atlantic & Pacific"

2120: Bat1 "Primary complete & negative in Room 300, 1 line in operation, no exposures"

2129: Bat1 "1 victim with smoke inhalation removed (non-life threatening), fire under control, smoke conditions on floors 1, 2, & 3"

2144: Dispatch receives emergency flasher activated by TL8-A which was activated in error, no mayday.

2148: Bat1 "Fire out, primary & secondary negative throughout the 3rd floor"

2154: Car8 DC Piland "All units go available by voice when leaving the scene"

2254: Bat1 "All fire personnel cleared from the structure, residents returning inside"

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