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« on: July 13, 2019, 06:56:32 PM »
While the left wing shit heads (including some elected officials) are encouraging illegals to resist ICE including using 311 to get help doing so it is refreshing to see a Law Abiding Union Rep step forward ....July 12, 2019

Dear Fellow Sergeant:

As you are aware, today and throughout the remainder of this weekend,
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents (I.C.E.) will be
apprehending individuals who are criminally wanted for crimes committed
under the United States Code of Laws. We, the members of law
enforcement, do not write these laws, nor do we engage in the politics and
or opinions of the laws under the United States Code, New York State
Penal Law or City Code. Our job is to simply enforce all laws equally upon
all individuals so that each person receives equal justice under the law.
I therefore remind you of our sworn oath to uphold the Constitution of the
United States and the State of New York. I further encourage you to NOT
leave any I.C.E. Agent abandoned if in need of assistance and to stand
shoulder to shoulder with each agent so that they too can return home
safely to their families. They are members of law enforcement just like you
and we must never participate in the politics being applied upon our duty to
uphold the law. Should you encounter any resistance from this Department
or the City of New York while assisting an I.C.E Agent in need of HELP,
please call the SBA 24hr number immediately 212-226-2180.
As always, do your job with the utmost professionalism and please wear
your vest and stay safe.

Ed Mullins

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Bravo Ed, Bravo! May the Good Lord watch over and protect all law enforcement officers who must battle not only criminals but screaming liberal, do gooder politicians.