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Manhattan / 12/15/17 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1688
« Last post by Signal73 on Today at 08:12:51 AM »
Fire Location: 106 Fort Washington Ave

Fire in a 6 story MD

National / Re: New Haven Fire Activity 2017
« Last post by nfd2004 on Today at 08:03:03 AM »
 Thanks "73".

 In 2010, New Haven was the second largest city in Connecticut with a population of about 130,000 people. It is also home to Yale University. As well as those who have been to the original Best Pizza in Connecticut, "Pepe's" on Worcester St. Once owned and operated by the original Pepe family. Today Pepe's has franchised out to add many restaurants, including one in Yonkers, NY.     

 Run wise, and work wise, New Haven continues to be the busiest fire dept in Connecticut. I think they have 9 Engines, 6 Ladders, 2 Squad Co's (operating very similar to the FDNY Squads). NHFD also runs 2 paramedic units called Emergency 1 and 2.

 The City of New Haven, like many other cities, had it's own set of War Years during the 1980s after the FDNY War Years. They were averaging 40-50 working fires a month, according to a newsletter that had been published monthly called: "The Alarm Room Newsletter" by a Hartford Firefighter.

 Later the New Haven Fire Dept led the way in Connecticut, fighting arson by combining fire and police officers working together and following records of those areas that had the most fires.
National / Re: New Haven Fire Activity 2017
« Last post by Signal73 on Today at 06:31:08 AM »
Updated if any CT Buffs were curious
Manhattan / 12/15/17 Manhattan 10-75 All-Hands Box 1347
« Last post by Battalion10Buff on Today at 03:31:54 AM »
Location: 175 East 112 near 3rd Ave Fire Apt 6A, Top Floor Job

Box Loaded Up - MD to 43, Sounds like youre going to work, 6 Adam

Battalion 12 10-75 fire top floor

3:28 Battalion 12: One L/S/O

3:29 We have one 10-45

3:38 Were gonna need more EMS, We have a 5th 10-45

3:42 Division 3: Were using All-Hands, Stand alone project, fire apt 6a, All fire knocked down, 5 10-45s, Fire DWH

3:50 Division 3: All secondaries complete throughout, one additional 10-45, total is 6 10-45s, PWH duration 32mins

4:00 Division 3: One Addictional 10-45, Under Control, duration 43 mins

E-91,58,53,93 act. 35
Division 3
Rescue 1
Squad 41

Ladder 2 Acting 43

*Through some broken handle talkie transmissions, L43 was talking about using a lifesaving rope + Fire in windows on 6th floor.

Queens / 12-15-17...QNS AH 6574.
« Last post by 68jk09 on Today at 02:31:25 AM »
0228 hrs BN*50 using AH for a fire in the basement of 150-61 77 Ave bet 150 & 153 Its a 2 sty attached flat roof dwelling. DWH.......2 LSO extension to the 1st fl....0252 hrs DV*13 reports Primaries NEG ..Secondaries still underway PWH....0257 UC.
News and Events / Re: Rescue 2 New Firehouse
« Last post by 68jk09 on Today at 01:02:55 AM »
32 Million to build a FH but no $ to maintain the Alarm Box system......zoom in on their future Home Box 1644,+Brooklyn,+NY+11233/@40.6709304,-73.9197881,3a,75y,270h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVmi8kOMn2Py2UJ5HzWbXig!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c25c63ead45481:0x5e2763b52e9456de!8m2!3d40.6708734!4d-73.91979          1644 was one of the busiest BKLYN Boxes both for Fires & false alarms during the War Years....scroll the arrows ...every bldg visible was built after the originals burned down.
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