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I thought KME was the low bidder.  What happened, did they get disqualified for some reason?
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A 5 year warranty? I wonder how many miniscule asterisks are hidden at the bottom of the warranty pages.
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Everyone is concerned with School Safety but not all have reasonable is an interesting e mail i received....    QUOTE..Iím tired of this tragedy being reduced to a single issue. #NEVERAGAIN is sophomoric pedestrian singular approach to a giant multifaceted problem. I donít care what side of the gun control debate you are on. I donít care if you have hated guns for decades or suddenly decided to. I donít care if you think belt fed machine guns are not just fun, but a right. The real issue is that everyone has fixated on one issue that ultimately has no say in the future safety of our kids.

I have a wife who teaches in Parkland and two daughters that go to school in Parkland. I responded to the attack as hundreds of other first responders did. I am sick of watching two sides of a warmed over political debate rip at each other with no true push for the safety of the kids, my kids. Iím tired of watching people with no background in active killer/terror incidents deciding what will make our kids safer.

I went to the school my wife teaches at and daughters attend today. I pulled up and saw two state troopers sitting in marked cars along the road, I guess that makes people feel good, but is almost useless in so many ways compared to how law enforcement could be utilized. I drove by the completely open area that the children, my children, line up and wait to be picked up in the car line. There are no barricades to keep vehicle attacks from happening and no real escape routes for the children if one does. I walked through the unlocked glass door into the office. I donít think there is a childcare center in south Florida that doesnít have controlled access at the front door. No person in Parkland would send their preschooler to a place that was just open. As I walked in ďuniform,Ē or as much as my agency has one, with the school resource Officer through the school I couldnít help but notice the giant windows on the classroom doors again. The fact that the walls are simple drywall. I was amazed that the active shooter locks commercially available, the kind that work well on outward opening doors, are nowhere to be found. There arenít even blinds or other devices to help hide the kids from sight available to cover the windows. I thought more about the lack of simple duress alarms in the class rooms that would alert the entire school to an issue within. Instead they have to call, e-mail, or text that there is an issue and 911 seems like a better solution than the Office, but that doesnít tell the other building or even another wing about the immediacy of the threat. The playground is another issue. The fact that we have multiple law enforcement officers on campus now is fine, but until it is a permanent post for multiple officers we are simply grandstanding. As for the officers we as a nation have turned the SRO program into a retirement on duty position in so many places. The SRO position couldnít be more important. Not just in a specific tactical response to the small number of attacks, but in its proximity to our children and having the ability to build that trust with the kids. The ability to be the person that the kids come to when they know someone is troubled or if they are troubled themselves. The ability to observe changes in behavior and intercede before issues arise or demons manifest themselves. One SRO isnít enough and Parkland pays far more into the Sheriffís budget than the few units it gets. Not only is one SRO not enough, but the paltry number of actual patrol units in Parkland is another giant hindrance to thwarting and responding to such events. Letís move on to fire alarms/fire drills. The kids are split and one half of the school goes to the south parking lot and one half goes to the north. No coordination with BSO road patrol, coconut creek police, or Coral Springs police has been undertaken in order to get deputies and officers on scene as quickly as possible for many reasons to include the alarm being a ruse to get the children out of not just locked classrooms, but the building over all. Again this opens them up to not just firearms, but vehicles, and other weapons.  The fact that anyone with a grudge could jump the fence and plant iedís in the outdoor trash cans or other areas while the school is closed, the fact that there are another 20 weaknesses I have observed and wonít list here makes me angry that the parents, politicians, teachers, Every Town for Gun safety, Bloomberg, etc have  now fixated on one particular issue instead of taking an all encompassing approach to the safety of the children.

Over the last twenty years in law enforcement I have seen the worst of what humans are capable of. I have seen mass murders, mass shootings, home invasions with entire families shot, a home invasion of a five year old kidís SpiderMan themed birthday party where adults and children were killed, an infant kidnapped by his own father only to be smothered, a womanís  boyfriend attacked her daughter with a serrated kitchen knife on Christmas Eve, people killed with screw drivers, burnt to death, a professor stabbed to death and his family tied up and the house set on fire, more children harmed in every way you can think of and more, people run down by vehicles, kidnappings, cop killings, etc. To try to bring the safety of my children, the children at my wifeís school, and the children in every school down to one issue is a disservice. Humans, no matter how much you want to not see it, are capable of horrific evil. If you want to make a true impact please push Congress and the president to fund viable and effective school safety measures. Push the State house for building codes meant to make the buildings safer. Name the last time we lost a child to a fire at a school. Since we started actual fire drills, building codes with mandatory emergency doors, burn times for walls/ceilings, emergency lighting, and other mandated safety steps We  have had  0 child fatalities from fire. Actually retrofitting school buildings with effective safety measure to help mitigate risk from not  just attacks with firearms, but vehicles, edged weapons, flammable liquids, and explosives (the Internet is full of how to manuals for building your own bomb)could actually be productive change. Remember  the Mumbai attackers hijacked a boat, killed the crew, and forced the captain to bring them into the port before killing him. They brought their weapons in to India and dispersed to various locations in the city before committing their multi cell terror attacker at multiple locations.

I instruct active killer response, vehicle tactics, high risk entry tactics, firearms, use of force, less lethal weapons, etc on a national level. I donít care what you think of teachers/administrators being able to have training and permission to carry a pistol on school grounds. After 911 pilots were given the ability to go through a program that allowed them to obtain permission to carry pistols on planes in the cockpits with the sole purpose of keeping an attacker out of the cockpit. Not all pilots took advantage of this program and none were forced. It is probably a more important program than the giant growth of the Air Marshals. Those pilots that have gone through the training have the ability to keep an attacker out of the cockpit and keep the passengers and more importantly those on the ground safe . Further we fortified the doors on every plane that allows access to the flight deck. We changed security in the airports. Yet we have had major school shootings and not taken meaningful steps at schools. Why not allow education professionals that want to take advantage of a similar program do the same? A lot of them wonít take advantage of it, but many will. I have friends whose wives carry while teaching in other states. States like Utah where there hasnít been a mass school shooting.

As I get ready to travel out again for work I canít help but think about the huge gaps in safety and how they are not even being talked about. I wish for once all those clamoring for ďsafetyĒ could drop the political agenda and actually look to help provide a more safe place for our kids. Unfortunately we have already been thrust into a debate on the second amendment and lost sight of safety. The media doesnít care about the safety of the kids or the anguish of the families of the lost. The media lives for the ratings generated by despair and massive loss. Lobbying groups salivate at the extra money being raked in through donations, fundraisers, and merchandise sales. Let the kids push for gun control. Let the families of those lost and injured push for whatever they want. They have gone through enough and should be able to voice their anger and pain however they want. The rest of us need to look for solutions. The rest of us need to put our political clout into making those in charge make actual changes that will help make the schools safer.

Finally I wrote this on my phone and Iím sure there are errors. There is so much more I want to talk about. Things that need to be addressed and havenít been. I will leave them for later. If you truly are interested in creating the safest environment for the kids put your efforts into getting our schools as prepared for attacks as they are for fires. And all of this is written with the  knowledge that when you make the school impenetrable that they will find a new target, a new method to overcome the safety measures taken, and we will once again have to find ways to mitigate the risk. And that is truly all we can do is mitigate the risk as eliminating it is impossible, especially in a free society.  UNQUOTE.
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a sad day more n more garbage instead of fire trucks
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