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Brooklyn / Re: 5/23/2017 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 2398
« Last post by STAjo on May 24, 2017, 03:01:56 PM »

 Big Work for da' 'Snyder Island' Crew 310/174. My Ole Pal from JEMAR (Chief), Tommy Marino, used to work there.  ;)
News and Events / Re: News of Members
« Last post by mack on May 24, 2017, 02:58:28 PM »
Recently, a few of the members made a trip to Boston and Providence to visit a couple of guys on the job up there, as well as check out a couple of fire dept interest.

 Taking part in this two and a half day trip - listed in order of SENIORITY (Senior man first):
  "NFD2004", aka Willy D
  "mack", aka Joe M.
  "fdce54", Frank D.
  "CFDMarshall", aka Elwood E.
 We all had a GREAT TIME, and those guys - "TREATED US GREAT".

 Starting with Boston.
 Boston has many of the same types of buildings you would see in NYC. Those firefighters in Boston face the same kind of conditions that members of the FDNY face.

 We stopped at two firehouses that had an engine and a truck. In one case, the truck was returning back from a fifth alarm relocation in another part of the city. It was a fire involving four three story fames called "three deckers". Boston has many streets with these types of buildings closely packed together. There are also brownstones, high rises, subways, shipping docks, warehouses, even subways.

 We were also able to stop into their Fire Alarm Dispatch Office where we could see the operation. The Chief in Charge spent a long time talking to us. He was EXCELLENT and one of the things that he mentioned was how Boston still has all the street corner pull boxes. They were the first in the country to design such a system and today, Boston's street corner pull boxes are very well maintained, with NO PLANS to get rid of them. He presented some EXCELLENT facts to explain why these boxes are still an important part of the city's fire and emergency system notification. Another supervising dispatcher explained to us how the City of Boston is part of a 36 city mutual aid system as well.

 We saw the Fire boats of Boston assigned to provide fire protection to Boston Harbor. Those boats are very similar to the kind that the FDNY uses as well. They assisted a disabled boat as we watched. Just prior to that they had been assigned to respond to a person in the water. That proved to be a fatality. After that we could see the smoke from a fire in nearby Chelsea from a three decker. I think that went to a third alarm. 

  We spent the two evenings at the Boston Sparks Association. They provide rehab services to firefighters/police officers throughout the City of Boston and the other mutual aid cities. On the first night they had responded to a three decker in the Dorchester area of the city. The next day they had also responded to that third alarm in Chelsea.

  An interesting note is that on the first visit, we had learned that the President of the Boston Sparks Association is a frequent visitor to this site. He had become familiar with our names by reading a few stories on here. Not only that, he had rode Rescue 2 several years ago when Chief JK, aka "68jk09", who was assigned there at the time. His name is Paul Boudreau. We were also invited to join them for a dinner where we were joined by group of about two dozen members. They do a wonderful job and it is a very well run organization. We were very grateful for EVERYTHING they did for us. The entire operation is run solely on donations.

  We all had a great time in Boston and everybody treated us great there.

  Our trip to Providence followed the next day, where a Providence Firefighter gave us a great tour of the city and explained the fire department operations. That story will be posted soon.

Some additional notes:

- In Boston, all firefighters wore red uniform shirts to demonstrate support for our troops.  This is a BFD tradition strongly supported by BFD and Local 718.  Everyone wears red on Fridays.

- BFD companies visited:  E33/L15 Back Bay; E3 (at Boylston Street) busy firehouse; E8/L1 North End good firehouse; Marine Unit North End good unit.  L15 had medical run (BFD rotates Engines and Trucks monthly on medical runs to share workload and maintain EMT proficiency).  E33 left for EMS training at BFD HQ during visit.  Marine Unit fireboat had "civilian in water" run in Charles River - recovery made by E33.

- Visited Hotel Vendome Fire Memorial, Back Bay, ( on Commonwealth Ave - collapse killed 9 BFD firefighters.

- Visited 298 Beacon Street, Back Bay, former fire building ( - 2014 fire which claimed lives of two firefighters E33/L15.

- Visited BFD Marine Unit, Burroughs Wharf, North End, has three boats ( staffed 24/7.

- Visited Boston Fire Museum - 344 Congress Street ( Former quarters of BFD E38/E39/L18.  Maintained by Boston Sparks Association.  Free admission.  Several old apparatus and firefighting items.  Active location of Boston Sparks Association apparatus which responds to all working fires in Boston Metro area ( for rehab and personal decon.

- Visited Boston Sparks Association - 344 Congress Street ( - a terrific organization of volunteers. The Boston Sparks Association has operated the Boston Fire Museum since 1983. The museum is located in a former firehouse dating to 1891 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The firehouse originally stood on land sold to the city by the Boston Wharf Company, specifically in order to provide protection to the wool warehouse district. Once home to Engine Companies 38 & 39, and later Engine 39 and Ladder 18, the firehouse at 344 Congress Street was designed by city architect Harrison H. Atwood, and operated until 1977. In its history as a station, seven firefighters died in the line of duty, including five who died fighting the Merrimac Street Fire on February 5, 1898. The museum, dedicated as the Arthur Fielder Fire Museum (in honor of the so-called "fire buff" whose collection makes up part of the exhibits) features antique fire apparatus, fire alarms, firefighting equipment, and historic photographs
- Visited Boston Fire Alarm - Fenway ( - Boston fire communications/dispatch center.  Fire Alarm has historical artifacts.  First fire alarm dispatch. Staffed by 7 dispatchers.

- Numerous working fires and multiples transmitted in Boston and Boston Metro area during visit.  Hot weather.

- 3rd Alarm in Chelsea (  (CFD

- Witnessed BFD working fire in Dorchester.  Triple decker.  OMD. 3rd Floor.  Balcony/roof.  "Striking box" equivalent to FDNY "All-Hands".  4 engines/2 ladders/tower ladder/rescue/1 RIT engine/1 RIT ladder/District Chief/RIT Chief.  Boston Sparks Association responded - rehab/decon.  L 17, first due truck, new E One 100 ft rearmount (

- BFD and Local 718 has major initiative to reduce occurrence of cancer for members.  BFD purchasing a lot of new apparatus.  BFD to construct new firehouses ( and renovate several older firehouses.     

- Visited Providence ( E3/L1/Special Hazards 1 (heavy rescue)/Div 1 (Washington St firehouse Engine 3 EMS run during visit.  Rescue 4 (medic unit) EMS run during visit.  Busy firehouse.

- Visited PFD communications building.  4 dispatchers on duty.

- Several working fires in Providence during visit.

- Toured Providence with Dan (PFD member).  Several burned out buildings.  Tough neighborhoods with many boarded-up buildings.  Many colleges.  State capitol buildings. High rise downtown area.  PFD has new class in fire school but does not have a PFD Fire Academy.  Non-supportive mayor. Excellent fire department and great members with severe budget constraints. 

All places and personnel we visited were professional, motivated, welcoming.  BFD and PFD members were first-rate.  Sparks Association members were highly dedicated and well-trained.

Brooklyn / Re: 5/19/2017 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2939
« Last post by tem217 on May 24, 2017, 02:30:52 PM » are in good company!  lol
Brooklyn / Re: 5/19/2017 Brooklyn All Hands Box 2939
« Last post by Tommyl147 on May 24, 2017, 12:33:22 PM »
Didn't realize my self my nephew from 174 told me !!! Believe me I have many seniors moments myself !!!
Bronx / 5/24/2017 All Hands Bronx Box 4324
« Last post by mikeindabronx on May 24, 2017, 12:23:33 PM »
1803 Mahan Ave.,fire in apt.34 in a 4 sty 100X100 OMD

L-50 gave 10-75

E-66 4th Eng.,


E-64,L-51 WB's

BN-20, All Hands

12:32..BN-20, PWH
News and Events / Re: 2017 PRD PARADE.
« Last post by tem217 on May 24, 2017, 10:14:22 AM »
does the mayors actions warrant an EEO complaint?
comparing his actions for attending prd parade trump pictures or t-shirts allowed in f.h.
Apparatus / Re: 50 ton trailer
« Last post by BCR on May 24, 2017, 10:10:49 AM »
They have at least 1 Case 580 Backhoe plus a pair of skid steers
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