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Title: 4/26/09 Staten Island Box 8742 - All Hands/Unusual Incident
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Staten Island Expressway, NY, 4/26/09

Location: SI Expressway @ Hylan Blvd

Box 8742
Engs. 160, 152, 161
L81, TL77
Battalion 21
Rescue 5

15:13 hours
Battalion 21: We had debris on the roadway at this location.  Upon further inspection, we located a hole in the overpass through which we could see the highway.  We are in the process of shutting down the highway and the overpass. Request PD and DOT to respond.  Also special call a SOC Support Truck and the Collapse Unit.
TL79 (SOC Support Truck), E156 w/ Collapse Rescue 5 S/C
Division 8 assigned

17:17 hours
Division 8: Box 8742, we have an approximately 1 1/2 foot wide hole on the overpass through which debris is falling onto the highway.  We have bricks falling off the overpass.  PD is on scene, we have all lanes on the Brooklyn-bound Staten Island Expressway shut down with the exception of the HOV lane; all other traffic is being diverted onto the service road at Clove Road.  At this time traffic has been shut down on the overpass.

7-5-8742 - 17:26 hours
DC8: We are using all-Hands, no special units required.  Rescue 5 and the Collapse Rig and the SOC Support Truck are now placing plywood under the overpass to catch debris that is falling onto the expressway so that we can reopen the highway.  We still have only the HOV lane in operation, all other traffic is being diverted onto the service road at Clove Road.  The overpass will remain shut until the arrival of the DOT supervisor.

18:05 hours - Duration 1 hour 33 minutes
DC8: Box 8742, we're going to go Probably Will Hold.  Rescue 5 had to return to Quarters to replenish plywood, they are applying approximately 20 feet of shoring.  We are still awaiting the engineer.

18:24 hours - Duration 1 hour 52 minutes
DC8: Box 8742, units still shoring up with plywood to catch debris, still awaiting the DOT Engineer.  We have 2 lanes opened on the SI Expressway with heavy traffic.  We have traffic on the eastbound service road bumper-to-bumper, and we have westbound rubbernecking.

19:09 hours - Duration 2 hours 37 minutes
DC8: Box 8742, incident is Under Control.  We have completed shoring operations with approximately 30-40 feet of plywood.  We are reopening one lane along with the HOV lane and shoulder to alleviate traffic.  The overpass remains closed, units will operate for approximately 30 more minutes.

19:16 hours - 2 hours and 44 minutes
DC8: All FD shoring operations are complete, in the process of reopening the highway.  The overpass remains closed until further notice.  All FD units are in the process, Incident Command is transferred to NYPD.  Be advised that any response by us into Brooklyn will be several delayed.