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Title: 8-14-07 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire in a Commercial Structure
Post by: vbcapt on August 15, 2007, 12:10:46 PM
1884 Va. Beach Boulevard
Between: Maxey Drive & Village Drive
Fire in a Automobile Shop

2033: Audible alarm indicating glass break in warehouse

2033: E14, E8, E12, TL8, L11, Sq3, Bat1

2035: numerous calls

2038: E3 assigned & on scene reports "working fire" 1 story brick auto repair shop

2038: E16, Bat3, Car7, Bat12 (PIO), Safety1, Salvage8

2043: Car2, Investigator2

?2048: Bat1 "1 sory brick commercial, heavy smoke throughout, 2 lines in operation, Exp A: parking lot, Exp B: detached dwellings, Exp C: lot under construction, Exp D: street, primary underway

2106: Bat1 "building evacuated, going defensive, all firefighters accounted for, 1 ladder in operation"

2112: Bat1 "under control"

2120: Bat1 "vehicle crash occurred (no Fire/EMS units involved), respond a 2nd ambulance to handle"

2152: Bat1 "fire out, returned to interior operations, primary/secondary negative, respond Va. Natural Gas, Va. Power, duty Inspector & Fire  Marshall"

2158: Inspector5 & Fire Marshall2

2306: Bat1 "Command transferred to 14A (E14 Officer), Bat1 available"