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Title: Boston, MA - 4th Alarm 1/11/2016
Post by: fdny1075k on January 11, 2016, 06:40:25 PM
130 Babson St., Mattapan.

16:05hrs. - In District 8 box struck for the reported building fire.

Companies o/s reporting heavy fire showing from the 2nd floor of a 2.5-frame mixed-occupancy building. Engine 24, Ladder 23 removed one victim from the fire building. Victim treated by BEMS.

16:18hrs. - 2nd Alarm struck b/o of Car 8(District 8 Chief)

16:23hrs. - 3rd and 4th Alarms struck b/o of C7(Division 2 DC)

16:56hrs. - C7 reporting companies using exterior ops. only. Multiple L/S/O's.

16:59hrs. - C1(Comm./Chief of Dept.) now command, C7 ops.

17:07hrs. - C1 reporting heavy fire through the roof.

17:41hrs. - C1 reporting heavy fire is k/d w/pockets of fire remaining in the attic.

Could be,


E16, E52, E24, E53(RIT)
L29, L23, L16(RIT), TL10
D8, D12(RIT), H1(Safety)

2nd Alarm:

E48, E18, E42
D9, D7(Act.)
C7, C22(PIO)

3rd Alarm:

E28, E37

4th Alarm:

E20, E30