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Title: 10-20-07 Va. Beach, Va. Working Fire in a Commercial Building
Post by: vbcapt on October 21, 2007, 05:12:57 AM
501 Laskin Road
Near: Holly Road
Fire in a commercial building

2132: E14, E11 acting E8, E12, L11, TL16, Sq10, Bat3

2127: E14 "light smoke from the roof, investigating"

2129: E14 "working fire"

2139: E3, Safety1, Car5, Bat4, Bat12(PIO)

2142: E12(command) "primary complete & negative"

2149: Bat3 "respond Va . Power"

2152? Bat3 "1 story brick commercial structure, fire in the ceiling, Exp A: street, Exp B: street, Exp C: similar detached, Exp D: similar detached, 1 line in operation

2210? Bat3 "secondary complete & negative, under control"

2230? Bat3 "fire out"

2255: Bat3 "command terminated"