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Fire Operations / Re: COVID-19
« Last post by memory master on Today at 03:32:48 PM »
If those "boys" probably calling them hoodlums would be a better description, are ever caught (obviously very unlikely) they should all be tried for attempted murder!

They would probably get charged with terrorism, in all seriousness.
Truth be told, all you would hear is "Boys will be boys." Nothing will happen. Unfortunately we all surmise it already.
General Discussion / Re: ANOTHER WAR YEARS VET PASSES.
« Last post by scoobyd on Today at 03:29:16 PM »
Ret. Fr. Richard "Dicky" Leach  L 31    (1968-1995)

USN Vietnam- USS Kearsarge CVS33

Son is Capt. of L 30


EMS Operations / Re: 3/30/20 65-2 Message EMS Fall Back Step 3
« Last post by kidfrmqns on Today at 03:12:19 PM »
I can recall NYC blizzards where we had National Guard Troops with trucks transporting patients and assisting snowbound EMS rigs as well, then there were the hurricanes and last but not least at all, 9/11. I am sorry if I sound bitter but throughout all these instances and more, the EMS personnel have always come through, did their best and were never shown gratitude as a whole. It's almost like the City thinks of them as a dispensable commodity. "Use 'em until we lose 'em" and then hire somebody else. Again, I apologize but sometimes what I hear, what I see and what I read just makes me sick and I have to vent to folks who would understand.

I couldn't agree more. EMS has always gotten the "shit end of the stick" and has always made due and got the job done. When/If life every gains some sense of normalcy I pray that people will see EMS for the true medical professionals they have always been and PAY them as such.
General Discussion / Re: ANOTHER WAR YEARS VET PASSES.
« Last post by 68jk09 on Today at 03:09:36 PM »
I recd this from a friend today in regard to Al.......QUOTE..It is with extreme sadness that I have to inform you of the passing of Retired B.C. Al "Albie" Petrocelli that occurred this morning on Staten Island. He had been sick for the last three weeks and fought a valiant battle. Al, and his wife Ginger, lost their son Mark on 9-11. Their other Son, Al, is a Battalion Chief in Batt. 21. For everyone of us who knew Al personally and loved his positive attitude and great sense of humor, we all lost a very good loyal friend. In addition to being a Very Proud U.S. Army Combat Veteran, who served in Viet Nam, the FDNY lost a respected fire officer who worked in many of the busiest companies. Al was truly one of the 'Bravest of the Brave" .
Al's devotion to Our Lord and the Blessed Mother guarantees that he has already been welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Brooklyn / Re: 3/31/20 Brooklyn 3rd Alarm Box 809
« Last post by kidfrmqns on Today at 03:06:22 PM »
Was 286 tied up somewhere? They should be on the 2nd and if not very early on the 3rd.
Apparatus / Re: New Seagraves
« Last post by Nasibova on Today at 02:53:37 PM »
The first new Seagrave, SP20001, lettered for E245, has been delivered.

Scott Berliner found it and snapped this pic:

Nice, thanks.
Citywide / Re: FDNY Fire Activity - 2020
« Last post by Signal73 on Today at 01:32:55 PM »
I have 316,307,289 154,138  but could be a barb change
Citywide / Re: FDNY Fire Activity - 2020
« Last post by QNS7883 on Today at 01:28:57 PM »
Staten Island (3254) 172 Colon Ave (Great Kills)
E-162   L-82    B-23

Staten Island (4333) 925 Rensselaer Ave (Woodrow)
E-164   L-84    B-23

Queens (2089) 78-17 101 Ave (Ozone Park)
E-236   L-142   B-39

Queens (7135) 26-19 Jackson Ave (Long Island City)
E-258   L-128    B-45

Queens (1998) 150-37 121 Ave (South Jamaica)
E-302    L-155   B-51

Queens (1413) 132-14 Cronston Ave (Belle Harbor)
E-268   L-137    B-47

Queens (3173) 100-26 67th Rd (Forest Hills)
E-305   L-151    B-46

Manhattan (1081) 66 East 79th St (Upper East Side)
E-22  L-16  B-10

Manhattan (819) 666 9th Ave (Hells Kitchen)
E-54   L-4    B-9

Manhattan (1031) 515 East 72nd St (Lenox Hill)
E-44   L-16     B-10

Manhattan (162) 70 Mulberry St (Chinatown)
E-9   L-6     B-1

Brooklyn (814) 168 Covert St (Bushwick)
Sq-252  L-176  B-37

Brooklyn (3955) 752 Nostrand Ave (Crown Heights)
E-235   L-132    B-57

Brooklyn (2503) 761 Ocean Parkway (Kensington)
E-250   L-147    B-48

Brooklyn (1247) 155 5th Ave  (Park Slope)
E-219   L-105    B-57

Bronx (2537) 1114 Findlay Ave (Concourse)
E-50   L-19  B-26

Bronx (2996) 1998 Morris Ave (MT Hope)
E-42    L-33   B-19

Bronx (4038) 2803 Collis Pl (Throgs Neck)
E-72    L-50   B-20

Bronx (3712) 601 Kappock St (Spuyten Duyvil)
E-81    L-46    B-27

Bronx (2859) 1103 Olmstead Ave (Unionport)
E-96    L-54    B-18

You might want to double check the information for 33-9361. I believe L 138 is first due.
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