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Queens / Re: 1/26/20 Queens All Hands Box 6393
« Last post by 68jk09 on Today at 01:28:07 AM »
Lloyd Schaefer Funeral Home - had a Fire about a week or so ago in the Romanelli Funeral Home on Cross Bay Blvd in Ozone Park.

Tricky situation if there is a viewing going on with fire, smoke or water damage to the facility or casket etc.

Chief JK - any experiences or interesting stories with that?
I only remember 2 serious Fires i had involving Funeral Parlors one was not actually in the ground floor occupied Funeral Parlor but was on the top fl of the 3 sty bldg resulting in heavy water damage to the Parlor below....i remember this Fire in particular since the top floor consisted of several SROs (single room occupancies) where some older Military Veterans lived crammed into their small rooms some packed with memorabilia....sad.....i once had a good job in the cellar area of an  unoccupied Funeral Parlor under was a tough job because the cellar had limited ventilation & was a rabbit warren of rooms used for the business....... a Friend of mine was a Hartford Ct FD Member i  remember many years ago he related a story about a Fire he was at in an occupied Funeral Home in Hartford where a physco arsonist had re arranged some bodies in sexual positions in the mortuary prior to the Fire.
Apparatus / Re: FDNY Shops Fuel Truck Giving E205 Fuel at 5th Alarm
« Last post by 68jk09 on Today at 01:07:35 AM »
Before that present Fuel Unit was put in service there was a regular fuel truck in the FDNY ....GOU 14 "Gasoline & Oil Unit" it was listed on old Alarm Assignment day in the '70s there was a multiple in a factory where foam was used .....later that afternoon when the foam in the cellar was washed away the place re ignited resulting in another multiple....a Friend of mine was working in an ENG & as the JR Man was sent to the Shops for diesel fuel for several of the remaining Rigs....the Shops gave him a regular stake bed truck which they had placed a hand cranked 275 gallon tank on just for this job...he was in a hurry to get to the Fire & see what was going he rounded a corner the tank slid sideways right thru the flimsy wood sides....this bldg with the 2 Multiples in one day was the original Fire bldg a few years later in the Bushwick 10th Alarm in Aug '77....the 83 Pct sits on that spot today.....i remember one time when i was driving R*2 during an extremely busy tour i noticed that the fuel gauge did not seem to moving even though we had been running all around...about the same time i noticed the gauge i sensed what i felt was the engine stumbling....i didn't want to get stuck out on the road if it stalled so we spotted a Home Heating Delivery fuel truck parked with the driver inside...we got him to pump about ten bucks worth of fuel into the Rig & got to a nearby FH that had Diesel before we stalled. 
Manhattan / Re: 1/23/20 Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 0162
« Last post by guitarman314 on Today at 12:34:46 AM »
    Changes were made after the big W. 43rd St. warehouse job that destroyed Rescue 1's quarters in 1985. Ladder 21 was a rearmount and the nearest tower ladders were TL35 & TL12 so L21 got a tower ladder. ;)
Queens / Re: 1/28/20 Queens All Hands Box 7515
« Last post by guitarman314 on Today at 12:22:55 AM »
3 Tower Ladders on the Box.
And two were 95 footers. ;)
Manhattan / Re: 1/23/20 Manhattan 5th Alarm Box 0162
« Last post by UnitWithTheUrgent on January 28, 2020, 11:54:49 PM »
Since the incident went PWH prior to calling the additional alarms & additional 95ft trucks, I believe they were not required to go by the closest units.

Not that they were many other 95 footers close by, but I don't think 85 truck would've been the first choice if this was still at DWH.

It seemed that they were strategically relocating some 95ft TL's (152 to 12, 172 to 119) in order to have them available in the area in case needed.
Apparatus / Re: FDNY Shops Fuel Truck Giving E205 Fuel at 5th Alarm
« Last post by manhattan on January 28, 2020, 11:22:04 PM »
Grand work, skylerfire!

Nice to see an auxiliary unit getting the recognition it deserves.  Not among the sexiest, but among the most important.

Does anyone - maybe Chief JK , JohnnyGage or Uncle Willy - know what the procedure for re-fueling apparatus at a job was before FDNY had its own Fuel Truck?  And how about departments other than FDNY - how do you all handle the evolution?  Bill Dennis - any War Stories on that??
Apparatus / Re: FDNY Shops Fuel Truck Giving E205 Fuel at 5th Alarm
« Last post by 4 truck on January 28, 2020, 11:05:52 PM »
Wow what an exclusive rare catch
« Last post by CFDMarshal on January 28, 2020, 09:39:10 PM »
After watching 5 minutes you are pissed off. What a screwed up Government! I would hate to be a french cop that had to take a crap in a fire house after that.
Citywide / Re: Beyond the Fires - 2019
« Last post by nfd2004 on January 28, 2020, 09:25:13 PM »
 October 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019

 Staten Island:
  11/30 - MVA with overturn involving NYPD, West Shore Expressway and Victory Blvd
  12/20 - Jumper down Box0250 Verrazzano Bridge. Marine 9 transporting back to quarters with CPR in progress

  10/1 - Water Incident Rockaway Beach around 96th St and Ocean. Three teens in distress
  10/12 - MVA w/pin Box 4356, 3rd Ave under the Whitestone Bridge near Francis Lewis Park
  10/16 - MVA w/pin Box 6855, 221 St and 118 Av
  10/28 - Collapse Box 8884. wall collapse of vacant building at 140-20 123rd Ave
  11/22 - Train derailment Box 9826, LIRR Jamaica Station - Track 8. No injuries.
  11/27 - Box 0444 - Pedestrian struck by train IND "E" Line at Sutphin Blvd and Archer Ave
  12/12 - Box 7942 - Manhole with elevated C.O. levels 83-45 Dongan Pkwy
  12/14 - Major flooding Whitestone Expressway. All lanes shut down area of Cross island Pkwy.
  12/16 - Box 6526 - gas main break 153-02 78th Rd

  10/10 - Unusual incident. FDNY Extricate Mount Sinai Ambulance from under scaffolding at Polo Ground Houses in Harlem.
  10/20 - Box 1303 - High angle rescue at 440 East 105 St off First Ave. Stuck elevator in blind shaft with large person in it
  10/21 - Collapse Box 0256 at 60 Norfolk St with Two construction workers trapped
  11/11 - Trauma Box 0691 at 50 Hudson Yard. Scaffolding collapse on 8th floor with Four injured workers
  12/27 - Technical Rescue Box 0846. Man fell into shaft in tunnel at Grand Central station.

  10/5 - Haz Mat Box 1200 at 110 Fourth Ave. 1,000 gallons of fuel spilled from tanker
  10/15 - MVA involving Engine 249 and Ladder 113 at 262 Rogers Ave. Twelve injured.
  10/31 - Car jumped curb at Ave "M" and Coney Island Ave striking Four pedestrians
  11/25 - Major gas leak in commercial building at 20 Berry St off North 13th St
  12/10 - Car into building Box 0900 at 1431 Fulton St
  12/13 - High C.O. readings Box 3734 at Clarident and Nostrand. Four patients.
  12/29 - MVA with pin Box 1177 at 52 92nd St. Car down 10 foot embankment

  11/9 - MVA with roll over Box 3504 at 3034 Albany Cresent
  12/5 - Trauma Box 3218 at 1620 Unionport Rd. Con Ed worker electrocuted. One dead, Two hurt at Amtrak Rail yard. 
Bronx / Re: 1/28/20 Bronx 10-75 Box 2924
« Last post by scamall dubh on January 28, 2020, 09:21:09 PM »
Box 2924 used to be L59 and L44
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