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Brooklyn / 11/14/18 Brooklyn Technical Rescue Box 3276
« Last post by Signal73 on Today at 11:39:30 AM »
Location: Bedford Ave & Ave V

Over turned auto into a giant hole

Major Technical Response
National / 11/14/18 New Haven 73 Box 1004
« Last post by Signal73 on Today at 11:27:53 AM »
Fire Location: 200 James St

Box 1004

PD on scene reporting "Going Good"

E-10 on scene working fire

E-10 E-17 Sq-1 E-5 T-3 Eu-1 Car-33,32 T-1 w/ Rehab
Queens / Re: 11/13/18 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 5303
« Last post by fdnycand89 on Today at 09:40:23 AM »
317 normally 3rd due was on ems run
General Discussion / Re: 11-13-18 New AMAZON HQ in L.I.C.
« Last post by 68jk09 on Today at 04:12:53 AM »
^^^ Excellent question G far will they push the subsidizing envelope without providing adequate essential services to accomodate the large influx ?
Queens / 11/13/18 Queens 2nd Alarm Box 5303
« Last post by UnitWithTheUrgent on November 13, 2018, 10:46:11 PM »
Address: 102-11 189th St. off Henderson Ave.

Fire on the first & 2nd floors of a 2 story 20x40 PD

Phone Alarm Box 5303 -  Reporting fire in a PD. - 22:44

Box loaded up due to multiple calls.

L-165 FAST

E-301: "Urgent" 10-75 the box - Heavy fire condition in a PD. - 22:45

B-54: All Hands, extra E&T (E-304 & TL-127) - 22:47

B-54: Fire on the first & 2nd floors, 2 L/S/O, DWH - 22:50

B-54: Give me a 2nd Alarm, we have a Mayday - a member fell through the stairs. - 22:54

B-51 FF, B-53 RUL, B-52 Safety, TL-162 FAST

D-13: The Mayday has been resolved. - 22:58

D-13: MBFKD, primaries on the first floor are negative & and are still in progress on the other floors, DWH - 23:05

D-13: We pulled all members out of the building due to structural stability. - 23:10

D-13: Primaries on the 2nd floor are negative, going to exterior operations, DWH

D-13: 3 handlines & 1 TL in operation, primaries throughout are negative, DWH - 23:40

D-13: Per AC Richardson, PWH - 23:49

D-13: Under Control. - 00:28

Duration: 1 hour & 47 min.

First Alarm:
E-301, 275, 298, 303, 304 s/c
L-150, 133, 165F, 127 s/c
B-54, 50

2nd Alarm Maybe:
E-317, 315, 299
L-126, 162F
B-51, 53R, 52S
E-324 w/ Sat. 4

E-273 to E-301
E-286 to E-303
E-311 to E-317
E-331 to E-298
E-325 to E-299
E-312 to E-273
L-140 to L-133
TL-120 to TL-127
B-20 to B-54
B-46 to B-50
B-10 to B-52
Questions And Answers / Re: Paramedic Response Program
« Last post by 68jk09 on November 13, 2018, 09:16:40 PM »
^^^^^Dan i have been RET since 2009....i know years ago i "relocated" some of the stuff carried....i had the Shops put a large box on one of the ENGs in my BN & had them carry the Sound Powered Phone System.....the Piercing applicator went to a LAD.....the Maverick Hydrant went to an ENG....some other odds & ends went into a closet.....remaining was basically the Post Radio....TIC... Irons...2 Masks ...2 extinguishers....some small portable radios & meters & some books..... i would be interested in a post here describing what later eqipment may have been added to carry in a BN Rig ?
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