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03-17-07 Queens- 2nd Alarm
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Date: 03-17-07
Time: 1642hrs
Box: 7583
Area: Astoria
First Due: E-312/L-117/B-49
Location: 21-59 35th St and 21-47 35th St.
Description Of Incident: Co's operating at All-Hands at first address when an explosion occurred in second house.
Writer: Truck4

1642hrs- E-312 transmitting 10-75 for fire in the basement.

1646hrs- B-49 rpts Using All-Hands for fire in the basement and walls of a 2-brick P/D. Sq-288 assigned from previous All-Hands. Req. Con Ed gas to scene.

1652hrs- B-49 rpts fire in basement is K/D, have extension to the floors above in the walls. D/W/H.

1658hrs- B-49 transmitting 2nd Alarm for explosion and fire in 21-47.

1659hrs- 2nd FAST assigned.

1703hrs- B-49 rpts explosion in the basement of 21-47, co's removing occupants. EMS responding with numerous units.

1709hrs- Div. 13 rpts for 21-59 35th St. main body of fire is K/D. Fire in second address is darkening down. D/W/H. S/C extra B/C. EMS treating (1) injured FF.

1726hrs- Div. 13 rpts fire in both buildings is K/D. Con Ed gas on scene.
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03-17-07 Queens- 2nd Alarm
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