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06/14/2016 - Brooklyn 2nd Alarm - East New York

Time: 0950
Box: 4014

Location: 1011 Felton Street
Description: Fire in a one story commercial
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

06/01/2016 - FDNY Medal Day 2016

Time: 1100
Box: 9999

Location: New York City Hall
Description: Medal Day 2016
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

05/30/2016 - Queens All Hands - St. Albans

Time: 1450
Box: 8600

Location: 186-06 Foch Boulevard
Description: Fire in a private dwelling
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

05/30/2016 - Manhattan All Hands - Chelsea

Time: 1206
Box: 595

Location: 8th Avenue and 20th Street
Description: Fire in the basement of a taxpayer
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

05/28/2016 - Mount Vernon House Fire

Time: 0021
Box: 9999

Location: 18 South Terrace Avenue
Description: Fire in three private dwellings
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

05/17/2016 - Brooklyn All Hands - Bensonhurst

Time: 1155
Box: 2878

Location: 8603 18th Avenue
Description: Fire in mixed occupancy
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

05/16/2016 - Queens 3rd Alarm - Jamaica

Time: 0925
Box: 5039

Location: 175-01 Liberty Avenue
Description: Fire in multiple buildings
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

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