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03/02/2017 - Queens 2nd Alarm - Ozone Park

Time: 1040
Box: 2154

Location: 9605 Liberty Avenue
Description: Fire inthe basement of a mixed occupancy
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

03/01/2017 - Bronx 4th Alarm

Time: 1330
Box: 2709

Location: 1342 College Avenue
Description: Fire in row frames
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

02/27/2017 - Bronx All Hands - City Island

Time: 1115
Box: 4557

Location: 157 Pilot Street
Description: Fire in a boat
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

02/23/2017 - Bronx All Hands - Morris Heights

Time: 2355
Box: 2962

Location: 1770 Andrews Avenue South
Description: Fire in an OMD
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

02/16/2017 - Brooklyn 2nd Alarm - East Flatbush

Time: 1202
Box: 2416

Location: 657 East 39th Street
Description: Fire in two private dwellings
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

02/14/2017 - Brooklyn 2nd Alarm - Clinton Hill

Time: 1101
Box: 631

Location: 419 Myrtle Avenue
Description: Fire in a restaurant
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

02/10/2017 - Bronx 2nd Alarm - Belmont

Time: 0933
Box: 4781

Location: 537 East 187th Street
Description: Fire in a private dwelling with extension
Photos by FirstOnScenePhotos

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