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    Dennis Smith, RIP

    Rest in peace Dennis.
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    Thanks for posting that.
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    I have a tool list for rescue-1, there is a tool called Z-IRON'S can any one tell me what this is and what it would be and how this is used?
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    1/18/22 Bronx 2nd Alarm 10-60 Box 2335

    On the run down, What is RM-1?
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    F.D.N.Y. Crane

    Yes that's it thanks for the info.
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    F.D.N.Y. Crane

    Seen in a video of inside the shop's and seen a make with what looked to be a crane on it. Is this a new special unit, or a rig used by the shops?
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    Rescue 1

    I can't believe that they had gone with Ferrara angin.
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    Squad Support Truck

    When did F.D.N.Y. organize Squad 8??? Do you mean squad 18?
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    Trombone tool

    I have heard of the term trombone tool but can anyone tell me what it is and what it is used for?
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    New 75ft towers

    Other then tower ladder 45,115 Has any other company received new rigs to replace their 2006 towers? 
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    Air carts

    Is the soc using a new type of air cart system that is in a yellow pelican box? I had seen a pic of squad 61 and 270 compartments and seen this.
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    Kelly cart

    Can anyone tell what the Kelly cart is and what it is used for?
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    Soc support unit

    I have seen pics of the old high way response unit 159 now marked as special operations support unit. Is this a new soc unit or does it have another purpose within the soc?
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    Visiting NYC

    Going to be in nyc next weekend and like to know if anyone can tell me what subway or bus i can take to the following houses. Rescue 4 Squad 270 Rescue 5 Engine 165 Thanks.
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    Weekend at the intrepid

    Any one know the date for fdny day at the intrepid this year?