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    Waldbaum’s Fire

    Continued Rest in Peace to those lost that day. Continued thoughts and prayers for their families.
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    Thoughts and prayers
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    News of Members

    Welcome to the family, Stoch
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies - 2nd Section

    249 and 113 worked for 280/132 during their Centennial celebration back in 2013. For decorations 280/132 had a giant pumpkin as the centerpiece of the display, which had an "Eye of the Storm" logo carved into it.. After the ceremony in quarters and while the men of 280/132 were out celebrating...
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    News of Members

    You're in my thoughts and prayers
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    7/7/20 Brooklyn Major Water Main Break Box 1247

    132 is 2nd due truck at 1247, were they operating elsewhere?
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    Ferrara ladders

    Since the oldest Ferraras are 2011, when will the bidding process start for their replacements?
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    7-6-2020...BKLYN AH 1605.

    Who is 2nd due truck? 174?
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    Chief Jonas' Newsletter

    Willy, Thanks...exactly what I was looking for. Happy 4th of July Jim (1261)
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    Chief Jonas' Newsletter

    To All, Does anyone have a copy of Chief Jonas' Newsletter from July 2016 covering the fire on E 22nd St (55-608)? Thanks, Jim
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    I live about 60 miles North of Seattle and will tell you the situation in the "CHOP" is appalling. The Seattle city government has completely rolled over and caved in to these mutts with little or no regard to the legitimate citizens of the area or the rule of law. The city abandoned the Seattle...
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    6-27-80 DOUBLE LODDs.

    Continued Rest in Peace Larry Fitzpatrick and Gerry Frisby. Thoughts and prayers for your families at home and on the job.
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    News of Members

    Happy birthday, Rev. Best wishes for many more!
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    AS Bob Hope would say...."Thanks for the memories"
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    May they continue to Rest in Peace