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    Battalions vs Divisions

    From C 1961 FDNY Manual of Communications Have used this section when necessary, esp in case of a likely worker
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    How did the MPO make out?
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    3/14/21 Queens 10-75 Box 5146

    Long gone, and a few other names or occupants since
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    Elizabeth,NJ 2 Dead After 5 Alarm Building Fire 10/5/2020

    January 25, 2003; My photo of Mutual Aid arriving to fire at South First Street near Third Ave Elizabeth. Ladders 87 and 149 acting? respond to the fire. FIRE FIGHTER and KANE also s/c, Larger boat couldn't access fire due to shallow water, smaller boat due to ice in Elizabeth River.
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    New Site Software

    Thanks, just seemed to automatically go there without any other clicking, etc...
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    New Site Software

    Logging in in the old site; I always signed in to "view new [unread] posts since your last visit" is that feature still available? How?
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    Site problem 8/30/19

    Is there a problem with the site?  I only see a couple new posts today since Midnight.(Maybe my settings are goofed up).
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    Anniversary of GOLDEN VENTURE

    The morning of June 6, 1993 in the wee hours, the Chinese refugee ship GOLDEN VENTURE grounded off Rockaway. FDNY responded and our fireboats launched small boats in heavy surf to remove passengers. Here is FIRE FIGHTER off shore as members help in removal. Incidentally this was the anniversary...
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    Ugliest Rig Ever Built (Hijacked to Loftus Suction Collector)

    Loftus Suction Collector stored on running board just behind rear fender. CD45 195? Ward LaFrance pumper.
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    Ugliest Rig Ever Built (Hijacked to Loftus Suction Collector)

    Article on Loftus Suction Collector in WNYF April 1951. (the E53 photo is not from the article)
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    FDNY "Longest Run" - 110 Years Ago - Great Baltimore Fire

    The September 1934 issue of Fire Lines lists the companies that responded to Baltimore as: Engines 5 7 12 13 16 26 27 31 33 and Truck 5. A table in the article also indicates each companies' arrival time, hours worked, hose used, number of men, and the Company Commander. Other Fire Department's...
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    Vintage FDNY Videos

    From WNYF 2nd/1952 For historical purposes only, not recommended to try on a contemporary apparatus.
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    Vintage FDNY Videos

    From Fire Engineering, 1941
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    Vintage FDNY Videos

    From Fire Engineering 1930
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    FDNY and NYC Firehouses and Fire Companies

    The other notable "High Ladder" job was the Jewish Theological Seminary Library at Broadway & West 122 St on 4/18/1966. Ladder 119 was special called from Brooklyn to this Second Alarm. Photo and a complete article is in WNYF 2/1966. There is no mention on the serviceability or location of the...