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    Television from a different time

    And on VHF we had channels 41 & 47, which were spanish speaking stations. On Saturday nights you had "Lucha Libra" for wrestling ( Andre the Giant, Chief Jay Strongbow, and several others) it was awesome. And then Iris Chaconne a Spanish entertainer who we were not allowed to watch because she...
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    3/4/21 Queens 4th Alarm Box 7845

    Thanks ?
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    3/4/21 Queens 4th Alarm Box 7845

    I know PD has aviation. FD has aviation? What is their use and are they new?
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    Manhole Fires

    Are the large amounts of manhole Fires due to road salt being used for snowstorms. 50 years of listening to calls and don't remember this many. Large amount of work force being used, folks being displaced and injured. Am I wrong or am I missing something.
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    2-3-89...LODD FF JOHN DEVANEY LAD*131.

    I remember reading about this heroes death all those years ago. Another FF doing his job and losing his life. Illegal apt. contributed to his death and I don't remember if someone was arrestedfor that, but they should have. Sounds like a great FF and all around good man. RIP
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    1/30/21 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 1330

    Awesome job
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    Favorite Fire House

    I'm not sure of architecture, but the best house I knew was E321 in Bklyn. I grew up in Gerritsen Beach and would pass the house all the time while taking walks with my grandpa. The crew was always friendly and would invite us in to let me roam around. One guy gave me a used helmet which after...
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    1/28/2021 Bronx Box 2892

    Is that 3E & 3TL? Thanks
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    1/28/2021 Bronx Box 2892

    What is a 3-3? Thanks
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    1/5/21 Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 1797

    Thanks for answering.
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    1/5/21 Manhattan 4th Alarm Box 1797

    What does the trench do? And how does it get applied.