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    Neighbors save life of a runner

    Nothing like a success story!
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    On the prayer List!
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    Chief JK’s R2 Coat

    If only......................
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    I would want a contact switch when they stepped up to gawk at the beautiful corpse that I will be, the air horn or Q will sound!
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    New Seagrave engine delivered

    Company Preference?
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    San Diego Navy Ship Fire 7/12/20

    It probably remained a 3rd for San Diego Fire Department but that likely didn't include the large Federal Fire response from the Navy and other military facilities in the area.
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    Times sure have changed! Back in the day, they would still be whipping the guys ass who assaulted the boss.
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    News of Members

    I apologize up front Stoch for what you are about to encounter! You have to be tough to have worked with Captain Willy O'Dennis!
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    News of Members

    Hang in there Doug, You've got this!
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    Two fine gentleman and the author is not a bad dude either!
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    Disbanded units

    They have already eliminated the Quints! LOL
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    7/1/70 LODD

    Entropychaser, what do you mean buffing your last Steel City fire? You moving? Giving up the chase?
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    Charleston 9 Memorial on Savannah Highway vandalized, officials say

    This is what you get when you send the message that it is ok to erase history! Sadly the shitheads that committed the act, likely had ZERO clue as to who the Charleston 9 even were and what that represented.
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    Seems to me they need to clear the CHOP!
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    News of Members

    Thanks for all the well wishes! Ready for this lap around the sun to get over!