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    6/17/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 6068

    When was air recon discontinued? Is the TSU drone serving as a better eye-in-the-sky? Certainly a faster response.
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    11/30/21 Manhattan 10-66/10-60 4th Alarm Box 1221

    Particularly on greater alarms and unusual incidents it would be interesting to see EMS response, especially it’s special units. I know how much work it is just recording the unit responses, for which I have great admiration. Just a polite ask from a misplaced New Yorker.
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    8/25/21 Manhattan All Hands Box 790

    Sure was. Worked there as a reporter in the sixties. Hot duty, literally.
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    5/25/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 0282

    Likely vinyl siding. A small version of the London hi rise conflagration as well as a spectacular Vegas blaze some years ago.
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    Why were Engine's 264 and 328 combined?

    Amazing thread. Thanks to all who contributed.
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    4/15/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 2912

    Thanks. This is a great group. I grew up and worked in NY — during part of the War Years as a reporter for UPI. I thought I recognized the signal but of course it isn’t on any list. FYI for many years I have been living in DC — I’m an active member of the Friendship Fire Association, DC’s...
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    4/15/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 2912

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    3/3/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 0742

    Very nice pics. At least on an iPhone they can be opened to full screen. The shot of the ff going up the ladder is particularly good.
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    1/19/21 Bronx 2nd Alarm Box 3970

    Why the very large EMS response? Nice info, though.
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    what rig is this?

    Originally 5 pieces: pumper (2400 hp marine diesel coupled to an 8800 gpm @ 350 psi pump), a hose wagon with a 5” fireboat Stang and three satellites, later expanded to 5 while the Super Pumper System ( the full name) was in use. I was OTS at its first big fire in the West Village.
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    Adding to Lucky; at an early job at a large warehousing in the west village the SPS made shirt work of a massive fire— until the radio message: “shut it down. We’re showering bricks all over the neighborhood!”
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    Nice exchange. As someone who was around when THE Super Pumper System (pumper, tender and satellites) went on the job, good to see this development. The 2000 GPM pumpers (first called, I recall, maxi-pumpers) were originally intended to replace the SPS. Guess not. Factoid: I believe when the...
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    7/17/2020 Queens All Hands Box 0039

    What was the PA response?