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    FDNY EMS 25th Anniversary

    Here's some information comparing different EMS certification levels, including CFR vs EMT. I don't believe it's 100% up to date but it can give you a pretty good idea. It shows how similar CFR and EMT are in a lot of ways, like Lebby said...
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    3-11-21...BKLYN AH BOX 3939

    Rundown from the dispatcher: E-255, 310, 248, 309, 257s/c L-157, 174, 159FAST, 170s/c, 147s/c B-41, 58 D-15 R2, Sq1
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    10/6/20 Brooklyn 10-75 Box 1772

    Both videos from Citizen
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    Tower Ladder 35

    This looks to be a partial screenshot from Hook and Ladders by Larry Shapiro. Also a Fire Engineering article from 1998 that I was unable to read...
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    The worse part is " ...which is not part of procedure... " What physical force does the FDNY have as part of its procedure?
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    Time Stamp

    At the top of the site you should see your profile (for you it may be a capital “M” on a purple background). Click on that and a small window should pop up. Then click on the word “Preferences” on the left side of that window, towards the bottom. The first option on the Preferences page should...
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    FDNY Captain found dead of apparent suicide in his Staten Island home

    Rest In Peace. There?s been far too many of this already in all first responder communities; fire, police, EMS, the military, even the medical community with nurses and doctors. If anyone needs to, please reach out somewhere to someone. I?m sure that goes for many members of this site as well...
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    US Fire Administration Fire-Related Firefighter Injuries Report

    ?This topical report addresses the details of firefighter injuries sustained at, responding to or returning from a fire incident, focusing on data as reported to the NFIRS from 2015 to 2017, the most recent data available at the time of the analysis...
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    NYC Council Considers Changing Siren Sounds

    The bill, which has been sent to committee, would require all sirens transition to a two-tone, European-style siren because they've been found to be just as effective "but without as shrill or invasive an impact on communities"...
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    RAC Changes

    Here are some changes to RAC procedures that were outlined in the latest FDNY podcast episode with Deputy Chief Joseph Jardin. I don?t believe a timeline was mentioned on when these would happen. They will be creating a 6th RAC unit, RAC units will be staffed with two firefighters (part of...
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    Newark Airport closed after plane engine catches fire
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    FDNY Firefighter Exam 7001

    Notice of Examination: Link to actually apply:
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    How Rikers Island inmates became heroes after a 1957 plane crash
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    Detailing FDNY Captains to OEM as Citywide Interagency Coordinators
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    1/7/2017 Queens 10-75 Box 2005

    Queens Box 2005  74-15 85th Road between Dexter Ct and 75th Street Fire on the top floor of a Private Dwelling -L143 10-75, fire in a 3-story attached PD 23:14 -B39 using All Hands for a fire on the top floor of a 3-story 20x50 Class-3 PD. Exposures (1-street, 2-similar, 3-unknown...