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    3/31/21 Staten Island 5th Alarm Box 1150

    I've seen an 1960's vintage photo of E10's 1954 Mack sitting next to E159's quarters.
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    3/31/21 Staten Island 2nd Alarm Box 2033

    This wasn't the 1st time I saw HL101 relocated to L82. HL101 was acting L82 at one of those Gateway National Park/Great Kills Park brush fires a couple of years ago. I remember HL118 also relocated to the island back then.
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    The Very Talented "guitarman314"

    Thanks guys, I've been busy with lots of other things like my wife's "HONEY DO" lists and believe it or not, I moved here in October but still haven't unpacked more than half of my model collection.
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    Roosevelt Island Firehouse

    Rear step was modified to fold up on 1938-39 Ahrens-Fox pumpers of companies that used to respond to Welfare Island.
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    2/8/21 Bronx 10-75 Box 2584

    And don't forget the steep hills that 68/49 have to navigate to get down there especially when those streets are still covered with ice and snow.
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    2/7/21 Bronx All Hands Box 2247

    One of my bandmates was an NYPD detective working out of Police Headquarters and he had asked me months before if I suspected any of my coworkers. I actually gave him 2 names to check out but neither one was Berkowitz. Please bear in mind that he was an excellent worker who actually got along...
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    2/7/21 Bronx All Hands Box 2247

    Yes I did know "Son Of Sam". My coworkers and I was even discussed what we would do if we found out who "Son of Sam" was and collecting the reward that was on his head as he was standing within earshot of us. I've told the story numerous times to a few of the members of this group.
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    2/7/21 Bronx All Hands Box 2247

    This building was originally a showroom for IBM business machines until around 1967-68 then became a USPS annex with offices on the Grand Concourse side and a basement work area for letter carriers with an entrance in the rear at 150th St. & Anthony Griffin Pl. It was vacated a few years ago by...
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    Favorite Fire House

    Architecturally speaking: #1. Former quarters of E31 @87 Lafayette St.; #2. E33/TL9; #3. E67 (which is a 1/2 sized version of E33/TL9); #4. E284/TL149 aka: "The Castle on the Hill"; #5. E7/TL1 aka: "Duane Manor"; #6. The other 3 bay houses built around 1913: E91/L43, and E93/TL45; E264/E328/L134.
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    News of Members

    I will have to build a guest house in the back yard. LOL
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    Bronx Box 2658

    Back in the mid to late 1970's I worked in the 10473 zip code post office that delivered there. Solon Pl. was on route #20 but was closed off by the Castle Hill Houses and the industrial area by Zerega Ave.
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    RESCUE 5 1948-1962

    The color photo of Rescue 5's rig was taken at a Bronx multiple alarmer at St. Ann's Ave. & 150th St. That one block section of E. 150th St. between St. Ann"s & Brook Avenues no longer exists today having been closed off for the Juvenile House of Detention at the Brook Ave. end. Coincidently...
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    5/31/20 Staten Island 10-75 Box 31

    I happen to have the assignment card from 1934
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