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    Understanding NYC addresses

    To add to the confusion: Manhattan street addresses follow an algorithm that allows anyone with rudimentary math skills and the following charts to find the nearest cross street for a house number on an avenue. Take the number of the street address, drop the last digit, divide by two...
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    8/10/22 Queens 10-75 Box 1224

    memorymaster, I was as baffled as you were as to how there was a restaurant in there even after seeing what appeared to be a "Todays specials" on the chalkboard in the first picture above.
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    E206 area

    Hey bro (lucky). I'm surprised you didn't have 277 in your user name.
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    E206 area

    Back in the early 50's my dad was with L140. Occasionally when he picked up his paycheck at the firehouse, he would take my twin brother and me to purchase sneakers on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Every time we passed E206, the firehouse doors were closed and it had to be because of...
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    3/30/22 Queens 5th Alarm Box 4758

    This may have been the same box as the 13 alarm that resulted from a ruptured gas pipe. If so, who would have thought they would ever see Manhattan engine companies assigned to that box again.
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    2021 Runs & Workers

    As detailed as I've ever seen these lists. Thanks gentlemen!
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    3/8/22 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3621

    Exactly my thoughts. Hopefully both illegally parked vehicles were ticketed or would that just be wishful thinking.
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    2/16/22 Queens 10-75 Box 5197

    L143 used to be 2nd due at this box. Were they OOS?
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    1/31/2022 Queens All Hands Box 4195

    If L112 was truly the first due truck, another oddity whereby the first four engines and three trucks would all come from different firehouses.
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    First Job of 2022 Predictions

    How about the 44 Batt and E332.
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    12/7/2021 Queens All Hands Box 8540

    Just prior to this I may have heard L142 relocating to L162.
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    E268 & L121 also used to go to some of the southern most boxes in Broad Channel and L134 may be assigned to a box or two in southern Rosedale along Rockaway Blvd.
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    Old WNYF Magazines & New Paper Covers

    I've got every issue of WNYF except the first issue in 1941. Let me know what you need.
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    4/24/21 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 8480

    Not sure if still the same but years ago 8480 the Gateway Nat'l Park on the south side of the North Channel bridge and 8479 was the Gateway Nat'l Park on the north side of the North Channel bridge in Howard Beach.
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    In addition to all he did for the NY Fire & Police widows & children, he was a primary member of the Baseball Assistance Team which provided financial assistance to retired baseball players who had fallen upon hard times. Rest in Peace Rusty.