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    News of Members

    Thanks Joe.... Always look forward to these 😂
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    News of Members

    Happy Belated Birthday John D. Of course if it wasn't for you I'd have never met Willy D. You gave alot to answer for lol hope you had a great day Also happy birthday Brad. Many thanks for all your efforts in posting rundowns on the site. Have a great day
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    News of Members

    Many thanks Chief and all for the birthday wishes. Sadly covid has limited the birthday celebrations this year which suits me fine anyway. Who wants to celebrate getting older anyway lol Of course yes I share it with one of the worst days I've known and many here have known. NYC, my friends...
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    War years / The Soldiers

    May be of interest to some. Chief Sheridan did a War Years Podcast yesterday with guests, including Ray Callinan and Kenny Carroll
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    News of Members

    Another top class podcast from Getting Salty. Like Dan aka 'Johnny Gage' Garrett I could have listened all night. Loved listening to your stories especially the early days and about your dad. Well done On a side note and a little Trivia Garrett my first ever visit to an FDNY house was Eng248 &...
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    Budget crisis

    As another "outsider" looking in I would really fear what's ahead. There's gonna be countless job loses and I can see a tsunami of mental health issues to come off the back of this global pandemic in 12/18/24 months time FDNY & NYPD could be busier then ever
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    Very sorry to hear this awful news. My thoughts are with the entire Bendict family at this time. May Tara RIP Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dilis
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    Garda Killer convicted of Murder

    On 25th January 2013 Det Garda Adrian O Donohoe was shot and killed at point blank range whilst on a cash escort duty by an armed gang in County Louth One of the suspects (who was on bail for other offences at the time) left Ireland and went to the US on a holiday visa. He overstayed his visa...
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    News of Members

    That 2hrs went so quick. Great show Dan aka Johnny Gage. 3am here and I could have listened for another few hrs
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    News of Members

    This was one of the best visits we've had. Great people and a beautiful fire house
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    Beirut,Lebanon At Least 70 Dead & Over 3,000 Injured In Explosion

    Members of the 1st due Beirut Fire Brigade now missing presumed dead Photo 2 was taken minutes before the explosion as per Lebanon News
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    News of Members

    So glad Rev Elwood put me onto this podcast. Fantastic stuff My only worry for this Thursday is they may not have enough time to fit all Dan's stories in lol Looking forward to it 'Johnny Gage"
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    Beirut,Lebanon At Least 70 Dead & Over 3,000 Injured In Explosion

    The aftermath of this looks like a complete war zone Reading this evening. The blast was measured at 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate. II remember back here in 1998 when the IRA detonated a car bomb on Omagh Main St it was packed with approx 230kg of ammonium nitrate. It destroyed the town...
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    6/20/20 Manhattan 10-75 Box 1945

    Im sure this has been answered before and ive probably read the answer before but I forget Why Roosevelt Island classed as "Manhattan" yet its Queens Companies and Chiefs that respond?
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    LODD Detective Garda Colm Horkan, County 6/17/20 Roscommon - Ireland

    It is with great sadness that news has broke today of the Line of Duty Death of Detective Garda Colm Horkan in Castlerea, County Roscommon last night Detective Horkan was shot and fatally killed in the service to the community just before midnight 17th June on Main St Castlerea having served...