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    News of Members

    Thank you T.K.
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    News of Members

    Happy birthday Willy and a belated Birthday wish to my proby school classmate Chief Jack.
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    Television from a different time

    I work with Packy in 75 Engine. A real nice man and a great MPO. He was big enough to be a pro wrestler himself. Rest in peace big man.
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday Tom, your are one talented man. May God grant you many more happy years. God Bless
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    Congratulations Jimmy It was pleasure to work with you. We had many good times on Jerome Ave. You are one hell of a firemen and great person. It was my honor to call you my friend .
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    Wecome Mel it been a long time since I first met you. It was Sept 72 and I had just transfered in to the squad from E 96. When things settle down hope to get together with you Dan, and the boys. Your in for real treat when you get to met Willy D. bring your ear plugs.
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    War years / The Soldiers

    Iruscigno I hope that my little story brought a smile and a little pride to you. I not only had the privilege of working with your Dad but also with your cousin Gary, both exceptionable firemen. Like tough Timmy (Capt. Eng. 88) his love for the job was second to the love for his family. As I...
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    Broadcastify - FDNY

    TBendick's power is out and maybe for sometime. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    Worked with Patty in 96 engine Was a really nice guy. May he rest in peace.
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    50 years

                                                50 years ago                                            I wrote this last year being the procrastinator that I am. I put this aside till now. Having talked to  Chief Jack ?68JK09? and a few members of our Proby Class That it was the start of a...
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    War years / The Soldiers

        With almost a 60 year relationship with the fire service, I have seen a lot. I began first going to fires with the Civil Defense in Yonkers, and then spent 37 years with the FDNY and  in some of the best companies ( E 96, Sq. 2, E 75, Bn 19, E 75, Lt E 68 and Capt. E 23) on the job. During...
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    my buff years

                                              My Early Buff Years. My early buff years were spent going to fires in Yonkers N.Y. It all started for me when I was  old enough to join the Civil Defense. In Yonkers we had a Civil Defense Rescue Squad, organized during the 1950?s. This was at the...
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    Site Rules

    Due to a recent issue, the owner and administrator of this site, in order to keep in good graces and to avoid any controversy, feel it is necessary to repost a few simple rules. We may add some things to this in the future if needed. 1) No reporting of any LODDs, member names, or companies...
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    A blast from the past!

    Sorry for the delay. As I promise here is the name of the war year members from Squad 2 and Engine 73. La Casa Caca From left to right (1) Eddie Keating Sq.2 ret. Capt.(Dec). (2) (LT) John M. O'Hagan Eng. 73 Ret. as a Staff Chief (dec). (3) Capt George Orhline ? Sq. 2 ret. as Capt. (dec). (4)...
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    Engine 75 Mattress Fire 70's