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    9-11 T-shirts

    I bought mine from the FDNY Shop.
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    7/10/21 Staten Island 10-75 Box 366

    75th and New Utrecht Av.
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    7/6/21 Staten Island Water Rescue Box 8129

    R5 passed me on the SI Expressway yesterday I was wondering where they were going.
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday Joe and many more. Thanks for the History thread its excellent.
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday Doug enjoy.
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    News of Members

    Happy Birthday CFD and many more.
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    The REAL Super Pumper.
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    That's the thanks for your hard work. Another slap in the face to the working man. Disgraceful.
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    LAFD To Purchase First Electric Fire Engine In North America

    I don't get it either. When there's a chance it may be hours of work for the engine its useless. A diesel can be refueled on the spot you obviously can't plug in the batteries to recharge during an incident. Last year my sister's house was lost in a 3 alarm fire on SI. E162 was first due and...
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    JUNE 6,1944 .. D DAY.. NORMANDY.

    Continued Rest In Peace to all the brave heroes who fought that day. And thank you to the few we have left we owe you a debt that can't be repaid. I hope one day to visit Normandy and pay my respects there.
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    Rest In Peace FF Zuniga. Way too young.
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    6/1/21 Brooklyn All Hands 10-77 Box 0409

    Worked in there many times over the years. Its a little rough over there.
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    Pump Testing New Super Pumper

    If they're not gonna use it they should sell it to Cal Fire. I'm sure they could find a use for it during wildfire season.
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    May all the Heroes who made the Ultimate Sacrifice for our country Rest In Peace. One example on this date in 1945 the 1/5 US Marines occupied Shuri Castle on Okinawa. The US suffered over 20,000 KIA and DOW. Just one battle in the history of the United States.
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    5/17/21 Staten Island All-Hands Box 1954

    Well if anything you know that new SUV will DEFINITELY fit in the driveway!