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    Mt.Lookout(Cincinnati),OH House Fire 10/1/1022

    Here's a fairly short video of crews approaching the scene as well as a brief scene video from Cincinnati Fire Apparatus on YouTube
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    Mt.Lookout(Cincinnati),OH House Fire 10/1/1022

    This was a 2-Alarm fire. One minor injury to a civilian. Damage is estimated at $750,000 (it's a very nice part of town).
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    Hurricane Ian

    I have two family members who live in the path of the storm, one in Ft. Myers area, one in Myrtle Beach area, both made it through the storm okay with minimal damage to property. The one who lives in Florida will be without power for some time.
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    (Dearborn County, IN) One Firefighter Hospitalized, three others injured in house fire 9/29/22

    One firefighter was sent to University of Cincinnati Hospital with second degree burns and another was treated and released from a Dearborn County Hospital after a house fire on Thursday. A mayday was declared for four firefighters, all were able to escape on their own. Two additional...
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    Hurricane Ian

    Until yesterday, the storm was expected to hit up by Tampa/St. Pete, then it took a sudden turn toward Ft. Myers/Naples.
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    2022 Borough Maps

    Forgive me for not knowing this, but what is the +1 and -1 next to some of the company numbers?
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    Multiple Fatalities in Ft. Myers vehicle crash and fire

    Multiple people died in a vehicle crash and fire in Ft. Myers on Saturday. Alertpage on Facebook reported five fatalities including one pediatric, local news is reporting four confirmed fatalities in a report from Ft. Myers PD...
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    Two Hospitalized after house fire in Pittsburgh 9/21/22

    Two people were hospitalized and one cat died after a house fire in Pittsburg early Wednesday morning.
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    Cincinnati House Fire reignites overnight 9/19/22-9/20/22

    Cincinnati Fire crews were dispatched to a house fire in the CUF neighborhood Monday evening. Crews had problems opening the roof as there was a second roof three feet below the first. Ladder 20 was designated as the RAT team but had to be put to work for regular firefighting duties and an...
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    West Chester Township,OH 4 Children Hospitalized After Apartment Fire 9/17/2022

    Sad update to this as two of the children have died.
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    Cincinnati House Fire 9/19/22

    Two dogs were killed in a house fire in Cincinnati early Monday morning. Engine 35 and Ladder 35 were dispatched to an automated fire alarm around midnight. While in route, a 911 call came in that the house was on fire. A Still Alarm was dispatched adding Engine 21, Ladder 20, Ladder 29, Medic...
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    West Chester Township,OH 4 Children Hospitalized After Apartment Fire 9/17/2022

    The one-year-old was not breathing when pulled from the fire, the others had difficulty breathing. The children's mother was not at home at the time and neighbors initially thought that because the mom's car was not there that the kids were not home either.
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    Syosset NY (Nassau) Working Fire 9-10-22

    Amazon driver rescued the family living there Pre-Arrival Video:
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    I don't know if this has been mentioned before but in Campbell County, Kentucky, all ladder trucks are given a number ending with 10 (110, 210, 310, etc.), except for Newport which is the 900 department, their ladder truck is 911. Also in the same county when Bellevue and Dayton combined fire...
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    Lockland, OH (Hamilton County) 3-Alarm Auto Scrapyard Fire 9/9/22

    A massive fire broke out today at an auto scrapyard in suburban Cincinnati today. Reports of 30 to 50 cars were involved, plus additional tires and gasoline. Firefighters had to be hosed down because of exposure to hazardous materials. There is now concern that some of the runoff has spread to...