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    I thought it went by the year of the fiscal budget the payment came out of
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    4/22/21 Brooklyn 2nd Alarm Box 3213

    Were Gerrittsen Vollies get put to work? Does FDNY assign them? Do they just self dispatch? Sorry about all the questions about Volly FDs in NYC, it is such a different operating system then I am used to having a career and volly department covering the same area
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    4/21/2021 Manhattan 3rd Alarm Box 1128

    No other Chiefs in the 3rd Div catch work? Seems to be the same one in every video!
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    "Urgent" message

    Thanks everyone for the replies!!
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    4/6/21 Queens 8th Alarm Box 7864

    On the 5th alarm on the run down it has Ladders (I think) listed as Battalions.. "146 s/c, 103 (act. 112) s/c"
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    "Urgent" message

    I am wondering if there is an SOP or some guidelines regarding the procedures for units transmitting an urgent message to the dispatcher or to command? I am interested in bringing this to my own department and just looking for some background on it. My understanding is that it is to be used with...
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    Firehouses Closed

    MN - E7/L1 QNS - Ft Totten
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    Foam Tenders

    I would assume they just pump the concentrate to the Engines. The fan is probably to be used for a high-expansion foam operation
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    Collapse Rescue Response

    If the parent Rescue Company is unavailable and a box comes in requiring the Collapse Rescue respond does the closest one respond or do they only respond along with the parent company? Like if R4 is unavailable and a response is needed in Queens and its R2 and R3 going does L116 still transport...
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    2020 Runs & Workers are online.

    When a secondary unit like a satellite or collapse rescue or purple K etc gets a run does it count as a run for the transport company also? Like does it count for the engine and the satellite?
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    Not Thanksgiving for me but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone south of the border!!
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    11/18/20 Queens 3rd Alarm Box 1087

    Just went to a 3rd alarm
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    Thank you so much for sharing all your stories Dan. It certainly has been a pleasure to read them and in some ways it allowed a firefighter from Canada to be right there witnessing the FDNY at work when I would imagine the imagery you described so well. You have been a fantastic addition to this...
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    23rd Street Collapse

    We are all wondering when YOU will be on Chief
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    what rig is this?

    The foam tender is gone? For good? Since when?